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Top 10 food-antideprisanty

  1. Fruits and vegetables bright colors.Moreover, the painting itself in the gray days have uplifting and banishes melancholy (it ihpsihologichesky effect), but other than that bright color vegetables and fruktovsvidetelstvuet that they contain bioflavonoids - substances kotoryeuluchshayut process of blood circulation in the brain.As a result uvelichivaetsyakolichestvo oxygen that enters the brain, and our mood avtomaticheskiuluchshaetsya.
  2. Laminaria.Kelp (aka sea kale, nopo scientifically) contains a lot of vitamin B group, thanks to the work of our adrenal kotorymreguliruetsya.And those, in turn, vyrabatyvayutadrenalin, the lack of which makes us the syndrome of chronic ustalosti.Poetomu including sea cabbage in your diet is necessary.
  3. Fish.Most often advised to eat fish because of the content vney omega-3, which help fight with a bad mood.But that is not all.Tryptophan - an amino acid from which our "happiness hormone" iobrazuetsya, it is also found in fish and stays there after any sposobaprigotovle
    niya.So in the fall-winter eat fish at least two or three times, at least 100 grams.But it is preferable to bake or stew, and do not fry.
  4. eggs.If you do not have allergic reactions to etotprodukt, keep in mind that you can improve your mood, even with obychnogoyaytsa.You cook it, or cook an omelet - not so important.And all because that eggs contain already described the B vitamins, tryptophan and zhirnyekisloty.
  5. Nuts.Eliminate the first signs of autumn depression takzhepomogut fatty acids, which are found in all nuts.In addition, ihsostav includes selenium - a mineral that promotes good nastroeniyu.Sedayte 2 nuts each day and you will not feel tired, and vitamin V6uluchshit skin and hair.
  6. Bananas.But if you have not encountered chuvstvaeyforii, then immediately go to the store and buy bananas.Indeed, in their sostavvhodit alkaloid Harman, which improves our mood in an instant.A eslivspomnit his joyful yellow, then you understand that the blues neostanetsya trace.
  7. buckwheat and oatmeal.The composition of these grains include tryptophan, okotorom we have not once mentioned.They also contain carbohydrates which feature is their slow absorption, due to which the level of sugar in krovinormaliziruetsya.
  8. Cheese.Any kind of product that contains takieaminokisloty as triktamin, tyramine and phenylethylamine, which sposobstvuyuthoroshemu mood.
  9. chicken broth.This product we have long appreciated zaego healing properties.After all, as a part of chicken meat contains aminokislotatriptofan read, serotonin, to the development of which we are committed.So prinebolshih stress and sorrows drink chicken broth.
  10. Chocolate.Well, how do you do without it?Cocoa beans, and cook from whence this wonderful antidepressant contain endorfiny- one more happy hormones that are produced by the body in sostoyaniivlyublennosti.Besides chocolate has magnesium, which helps ukrepitnervnuyu system.But note that such properties have only black shokolada.U milk his fellow factor of utility will have a lot less.Abel chocolate and chocolate which is something wrong call - and voobscheprineset more calories than effect against stress.

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