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How to celebrate New Year without excess weight

Rule "4-ki": eshtechasto, but small portions

Take his assistant, a small plate, and for consistency with its volume eat only the amount of food that can be on it pomestitsya.Optimalno - 4 times a day every 4hours.The period between sleep and last priemompischi should also be at least 4 hours.

Tell a firm "no" night of gluttony
very good if your body will rest on priemapischi at least 12 hours.According to the laws of nature, the gastrointestinal tract chelovekane must work at night.At this time, the most used fat cells of "strategic stocks", which, respectively, promotes weight loss.And what this period of acceleration of metabolic processes take longer, the better will be weight loss by reducing fat mass.

Eat less salt
Salt tends prityagivatvodu and contribute to its accumulation in our body, so the figure on the scale creeping up.Thus, ogranicheniepotrebleniya salt will help reduce unnecessary volume.If you absolutely refuse to salt does not work, we can recommend the preparation of dishes
using salt with low sodium content, of which zamenenana potassium.It is this additional element obmennyeprotsessy amplified in the body, improves the function of the heart and other smooth muscles.

not to provoke yourself, remove the salt shaker from zonydosyagaemosti, reduce consumption of foods high in salt (salted fish, sausages, cheeses, canned goods).

Sweet - podstrogy control
Foods that contain sugar, it is not necessary at all vycherkivatiz your diet, but must strictly control their consumption.Harmless for the figure you can eat in a day not more than 100 grams of sugar-containing products.Thus it is necessary to shift the use of etihproduktov to 16 o'clock.Though choices and difficult, but you can not eat, and roll, and candy, and drinking sugar water: pridetsyaostanovitsya on one thing.Krometogo, do not underestimate it sweet drinks, because the number lishnihkalory it just rolls over.After drinking a glass of soda vsegolish, you send in your mouth as much as four tablespoons of sugar, which will definitely not contribute to the maintenance of excess weight.

Take pristalnoevnimanie fat products
Take control of the use of vegetable oil.Pozvolitelnoupotreblyat day only 1 tablespoon of this product.Restrictions also apply to the use of hidden fats, estteh something that we do not see with the naked eye.But knowing that their less postnyhsortah fish and meat in products on the packages of which the percentage is lower than 18punktov, you can control and excess absorption.

unloading days -Green light
Hunger and fasting days - are two different things.In nashemsluchae preference should be given it a second.There are various options for handling days (dairy, vegetable or fruit).Thus, once a week sleduetpitatsya only products that fall into one of these types.But even here there are limitations.The "milk" a day allowed to eat no more than 1.5 liters of yogurt and 350 grams of cottage cheese, raspredelyayaih in equal proportions between the three main meals.Suppose, for breakfast, lunch and dinner you can eat 100 grams of cottage cheese and drink 1 glass of kefir.The rest of the yogurt should drink during the day in between these techniques.

for fasting days on fruits and vegetables podoydutprakticheski any of their views.While advising vegetable fasting days, nutritionists emphasize the cabbage, onions, green peppers and cucumbers.As for fruits, the bananas are taboo, persimmons, figs and grapes.

Max consumed fruits or vegetables a day - 1 kg, it is important to observe one condition: to eat sleduetcherez regular intervals (eg, every 3 hours) and priblizitelnoodinakovymi parts by volume.

Pitaytesisklyuchitelno home
lunch or dinner at restaurants and cafes, prakticheskinevozmozhno check how much oil and salt were used priprigotovlenii those or other dishes.Poetomuna during active weight loss is desirable to eat only home-made food that you have prepared yourself.

Thus, following all these guidelines, you can beztruda a few weeks to lose a couple of extra kilos and meet Novyygod in a new guise.