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Three super product for the handling of the day

The main condition is a liquid fasting days.Eeneobhodimo use throughout the day.You lose a lot of water from nashegoorganizma but also leaves and fat, but it is slower.For once effektane see.

first product unloading - chicken.

Chicken contains a lot of protein, so this day nazovembelkovym.Remove the skin from the carcass, because it is a lot of fat, remove the bones iotvarivaem.Of course, you can not add salt.It is possible to add zelen.Naprimer chicken, parsley, dill, cilantro, green onions, lettuce.Eat throughout the dnya.Ne forget to drink water or tea can, but without sugar.

When we are chicken washed down with water, then proiskhoditvynuzhdennoe digestion of protein.It requires high energy, chemna digestion of fat and carbohydrates.Our intestines are working, resulting in wasted bolshoekolichestvo calories.And the proteins are broken down very long, in the end we chuvstvuemsytost, do not want to eat for a long time.

second product, which is ideal for razgruzochnyhdney - it is rice.

Take a glass of cereals and boiled, but dopolugotovnosti.Rice contains a lot of carbohydrates, but that they do not become izslozhnyh in simple, do not need to cook a little longer Fig.Complex carbohydrates dolshepererabatyvayutsya our body, so we have a feeling of fullness for a long time nepokidaet.This is called a fasting day carbohydrate.After krupuotvarili, we divide it into 8 portions and eat during the day.Do not forget about the tea ilivodu.Figure when cooking not solim.For example, at 8 am we ate first portion of rice hour zapili with water, and so on.Of course, you can drink it at once.This is unprincipled.

This adjusts the ratio of cereal potassium and magnesium in nashemorganizme.There is a delay of salt.Excess potassium removes from us the water.

third product that is good to use in razgruzochnyedni - a grapefruit and egg whites.

egg yolk we remove, as it contains mnogolishnego and do not need to have a lot of fat and cholesterol.It samyyprekrasny of all the fasting day.The protein stimulates the production of fiber, agreypfrut - is a fruit that contains its own in large quantities.Etoveschestvo perfect for our body.It removes from us the excess, not nuzhnuyuzhidkost and toxic substances.Fiber is not digested, nonabsorbable.It makes work the muscles of our intestines.He works protsessetakoy spends a lot of energy, ie calories.All day potrebuetsya5 grapefruit and 5 egg whites.You need to eat every hour, alternating the fruit tobelok.Be sure to drink plenty of fluids.This is not necessarily the water.Mozhnochay, coffee or any other drinks, more importantly, without sugar.We nuzhnoupotreblyat fewer calories.

All of the above fasting days are beautiful, have nihraznye products.They are united by one thing - the lack of salt.

Bring your figure into shape, because soon so many holidays.