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What kind of water should you drink and how much?

The human body is 90% water.We use voduv any way, but remember that tea, coffee, juices - is primarily vsegoZhIDKOSTI, while the body requires water.Many drinks cause povysheniesekretsii gastric juice, a variety of dyes and preservatives sposobnyrazdrazhat gastric mucosa, kidneys need to remove them.Chistayavoda able to solve all these problems.It contains no calories therein netkonservantov and dyes.

How much should you drink water?

On the day a person loses about 10-12 glasses of water.In order to compensate for the loss, neobhodimovypivat about 2-2.5 liters of water a day.When there is a loss of water, the person starts to hurt and aging.He suffers from circulatory system, urinary and nervous system.Accumulate toxins, gubitelnovliyayuschie the general state of our health.Violated the water-elektrolitnyyobmen, which leads to various pathological conditions.

Suppose you have a habit to use neobhodimoekolichestvo water.It's like a shower to the body, wash the stomach and intestines, prepares

it for use.Any woman knows that sostoyaniepischevaritelnogo tract affects primarily on the skin.Water - zhivitelnayasreda for our skin, as well hydrated is the key to beauty and profilaktikaot early wrinkles.If you pittak we need water in sufficient quantity, then you forget about slags itoksinah, poison our bodies, and will remain young and beautiful kakmozhno longer.In the morning, as soon as the woke up, drink a glass of water.This immediately zhedast signal the body to the beginning of a new day.Do not forget to drink water on stakanukazhdy hour.

What kind of water should be consumed?

We hear from the media ozagryaznenii water with heavy metals, pesticides, fertilizers.Not surprisingly, some people are afraid to drink water from the tap.They are trying to replace eёrazlichnoy water in plastic bottles of mineral water, etc.If you live in a place where the water is heavily polluted, it is advisable to priobrestifiltruyuschuyu system that can be installed directly on the kitchen, near the rakoviny.Horoshy filter retains the majority of water-polluting substances and gives eypriyatny taste.If we talk about chlorine, then let the water stand in a liboёmkosti without cover to chlorine evaporated.The most popular method of water purification -prokipyatit it.As for bottled water, the scientists ustanovlenavozmozhnost germs survive in such conditions, so that zdesest share risk.Therefore, if you are afraid to drink tap water, consider all the ADA against.

The irony is that most of the dangers dlyazdorovya uproar threatens not from drinking water, and lack of it kolichestva.Imenno water provides normal metabolism and body cleansing.Aznachit is the best prevention of all diseases, the best recipe for beauty imolodosti.