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Eight rules of healthy eating

Rule one.A varied diet
main enemy of the people who want to lose weight - a monotonous diet.The list of authorized products cut to a minimum.And even offer to prepare them in a special way.Well, if you'll be treated to cooking Serving Table and creatively.Pay attention to the original recipes.Remove from the table banal salads and soups.Learn how to create striking compositions of vegetables.Always helpful eggplant and zucchini, carrots and peppers, green beans and peas.Every day is added to the diet of a new ingredient.Continuing to experiment with a combination of different products.Table for lunch every time Serve certainly very beautiful.Food - it's fun!

second rule.Disclaimer sweet
can not completely abandon sweet.Do not seek to exclude from your diet foods that contain glucose.Brain our needs it.A weight gain comes not from the sweet and eaten on the night of cake or cake, eaten away "for two".The main thing - it is a measure.It must be around.This should be remembered in the most difficult
moments of his life.Everybody knows that a sweet seized trouble.

Tell yourself that this path does not suit you.But if you long years did not limit itself in a sweet, ate pastries, then do not rush things.Make the transition gradually.Change gustatory habits can be very difficult.Replace cakes and candies on dried apricots, figs and prunes, sweet grapes.

Rule Three.Get pleasure from the smell of food
think this board contains the catch?No.Indeed, you can have fun and the smell of food.If you try to develop this habit, you can easily avoid overeating and unplanned snacks (they only harm).Enjoying the aromas of healthy food, you will not be there all indiscriminately.

Rule Four.Remember spices and seasonings
Many people are mistaken in thinking about healthy eating as tasteless and fresh food.Use a variety of spices.They are impossible to recover.And even cinnamon can improve the body's metabolism, normalize carbohydrate metabolism.A wonderful smell of vanilla able to blunt the feeling of hunger.

Rule Five.Do not exclude carbohydrates
about popular protein diets everyone knows.They help you quickly lose excess weight.But the body also needs and complex carbohydrates.Deficiency of these substances is able to provoke a depression, general lethargy metabolic processes.This will necessarily lead to disease.

Eat cereal: oatmeal, rice, buckwheat, potatoes.And be sure to remember the correct preparation of the product and serving.

Eaten for breakfast potatoes (small portion) will not bring harm.But constant use chips can instantly overweight.This calorie food and very greasy.And in the evening meal potatoes generally inappropriate.

Rule Six.Eat slowly
there in a hurry is very harmful.Everybody knows it.But know and eat!Take the time for a normal meal, hooks on the run or just for the company.Apparently, not everyone knows that thorough chewing of food and processing
helps her saliva enzymes.This enables the saturation fairly small portions, helps digestion.

Rule seventh.Do not wash down the food can not eat
liquid during meals.This is addiction.Drinking recommended an hour after lunch.Plain water - the best option.This will help correct the pancreas kotorayauzhe your digestive juices to give.The traditional "tea with sweets" - this is a very bad habit.

But the worst option - is to try something to eat, when thirsty.It is necessary to distinguish between drink and food.Tea, coffee and juice-store replace herbal infusions or plain bottled water.This will also reduce the total caloric intake.

Rule eight.Eat at home
If you work all day at the office or do not like to cook, dine in the cafe, of course, easier and more convenient.But there homemade food you will not be offered.

Do not forget that a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle - it has become a habit.They determine what will be your long life.

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