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Kirkorov again surrounded by pink: the scandal be?

The focus, as befits, turned King of Pop Philip.View multiple photos with stylish captain, whale, it is impossible to get rid of the idea that the pink color is not quite unambiguous for Bedrosovich and apparently left a memorable mark in his biography, simply pursuing the singer!

This time scandalous stories in the spirit of the famous "pink blouse", so did not like Kirkorov to journalist Irina Aroyan, fortunately, it did not happen. Philip, being genuinely happy for her friend Valeria beauty shop, enthusiastically made the singer and her pink suit, compliments of its Instagrame.

husband Valerie Joseph Prigogine, apparently, decided to support the selected color scheme and his wife wore a shirt for the event as the "favorite" Philip color.I must say that the company dressed in pink couple Prigogine their longtime friend and colleague looked very harmonious!

even for a moment it seemed that the Russian pop king also decided to decorate his magnificent hair bright pink hat with feathers:

Fantastic hats traditionally become the main decoration of star dresses. winner "factor a" singer of Mali has taken care not only of the addition of self-image in pink hat, but also about the main accessory for your pet - a cat. And of course, where there is a hint of pink - there smiling Philippe.

commented on the social network the singer: cat Salvador finally met with the King.Naturally, we are delighted for the implementation of Philip even cat pink dreams, but also believe that the special relationship of the singer conflict with fashionable now pastelno- strawberry color completely exhausted! Finally, the apotheosis of glamor pink during horse races ended: King happyposed with positive events leading Anna Semenovich and Dmitry Olenin , choose to holiday in the beautiful outfits and do not cause any unpleasant associations mint shade.

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