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How to make your own hands deodorant?

Recommended to take in rukireshenie problems, learning to make your own deodorant.Zdesminimum difficulties, but the benefits are many.Deodorants made with their own hands -The remarkable solution for those who suffer from allergies and skin kogochuvstvitelnaya.

Solid deodorants

first recipe

To make this dezodorantavam need 50 grams of corn starch, 50 grams of soda, a few tablespoons of coconut oil idesyat fifteen drops of tea tree oil.

Production: Mix in a container izstekla starch, baking soda and butter.This should get enough tvёrdayakonsistentsiya.The resulting mass is put into a tube, where once byldezodorant antiperspirant.Use deodorant a few days later, kogdasostav become completely solid.

second recipe

you need 90 grams of corn starch, 50 grams of soda, five or six tablespoons of coconut oil, a few drops of oil limonnogoefirnogo and essential oils of tea tree, three or four drops of green tea.

Production: Couple in a pot izstekla starch, baking soda, butter and tea.Th

e resulting composition put in a tube of poddezodoranta.Store in a cool place deodorant.

third recipe

Mix 15 percent zinc oxide, 40 percent of coconut oil, 30 per cent of soda, 20 percent krahmalakukuruznogo, 10 percent of stearic acid, 3 percent essential oil shalfeyai 3 percent essential oil of cypress.

Manufacturer: connect the components, except for essential oils and bring to a uniform consistency with a water bani.Pri first signs of thickening, add the essential oils.Sostavpomestite resulting in an empty tube of deodorant and after a few days use nazdorove.

fourth recipe

beautiful dezinfitsiruyuschimisvoystvami different citrus deodorant made with their own hands.

To prepare it take beeswax 7 grams, 25 grams of soda and a zhekolichestvo coconut oil, 17 grams of corn starch, six or seven drops maselefirnyh lemon, grapefruit, orange.

Making: Melt beeswax posredstvomvodyanoy baths.Then add the coconut oil, but poluchennuyumassu - baking soda and starch.Oils, add at the end, until nachaloszagustenie.All mix well and place in a tube in which the purchase ranshenahodilsya solid deodorant.Put in a cool place.

Deodorant Spray

Pour boiling water neskolkochaynyh tablespoons of rosemary and let infuse for fifteen minutes.Then filter, cool and connect with 90 percent ethyl alcohol and any essential maslom.Naleyte the resulting mixture into a spray bottle and leave in a couple of weeks tёmnommeste.

How to use deodorant made with their own hands?

  • When applying dezodorantastaraytes not press him hard.
  • is important to apply a thin layer of naturalnyydezodorant.
  • Do not use immediately posleepilyatsii.Better to stand for half an hour.
  • not use deodorant peredpohodom the beach or a solarium, to avoid pigmentation.Also, non-using before exercise to avoid blocking the sweat glands.
  • If underarms chuvstvuetezud, the best time to use baby powder.
  • applied deodorant, cooked his own, only to clean skin.
  • Hranitev cool place.

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