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Kinusayga - patchwork without a needle

kinusayga (patchwork without a needle)

inEurope is Art as kinusayga called patchwork without a needle.His shirokoprimenyayut not only for the creation of paintings, but for different bytovyhpredmetov decor and gifts.Technique kinusayga there not too long ago, but onauzhe already gained its fans.It is called the method of inlaying vloskutnom sewing.

Osnovoyetoy technique is applique.Technology similar to kinusayga those chtoloskutki applied to bulk or planar surface and the edges of the groove in advance is charged vprorezannye, eventually leaves some image.Dlyapechvorka decor are all kinds of ribbons, cords or ribbons.

For what used vidiskusstva such as patchwork without a needle?

first and foremost, for a variety of panels, paintings that adorn the interior.Takuyuinteresnuyu appliqué is also used for decoration souvenir boxes, boxes, covers of books, albums and books.Also, this technology poluchilapriznanie and in the manufacture of toys to decorate the Christmas tree, yaitsna Great Eas

ter, Valentine's Day lovers.Patchwork is widely used for dekoramebeli and lampshades.How did it do with their hands?

Tools and suitable materials

first and foremost, to create such a creation, you will need blank izpenoplasta.Bulk sheets can be bought at any store for handy people aploskie - learn from any packing house.The foam is the basis in etomvide needlework.It is applied to drawing, make slits along the contour nakladyvayutraznye motley rags.

Takzhevam will need different tissues.You can use any brand vidmateriala: velvet, silk, wool, satin, velvet and others. Size and color loskutkovmogut use any brand, it depends on your design irisunka.More will be needed ribbons and braid can be any width and texture, laces, buttons, to shine - rhinestones.Some are pins on the head of whom the bead or pearl.

tools that you need to work:

  • In order to cut the fabric - scissors
  • adhesive, preferably the type of PVA to glue fabric to the foam
  • Pencil drawing to inflict
  • stationery knife to gently be able tocut the outline of the picture
  • stack to fill in the slot edge of the fabric.You can also use any other similar instrument

process of making paintings

It does not matter what product you zadumali.Tehnika all alone, and for flat and volume for pictures and souvenirs.Kprimeru conceived product - Easter egg.First, scribble sketch, decide the colors.Although sovsemneobyazatelno draw, you can experiment and during operation.

Blizhek case: Take a blank foam, which will take the form of eggs, mark the boundaries of the drawing pencil is better to divide the egg sector in the lines emanating from the center of the sharp end, and they will be connected with a blunt kontsom.Sleduyuschy step - a cut ofcloth patches suitable shape ksektoram or even a little more of them.To do this it is best to use silk, shreds or wide satin ribbon, which just cut into kusochkineobhodimoy length.

Posleetogo apply the first piece of fabric on the foam preform and secure bulavkoyego end on top of the eggs.Go ahead - carefully dressed with krayatkani slightly straighten and strings.The first sector is ready.Takimzhe way and work with other sectors.After the sector budutzakryty cloth tape decorate the slot, after brushing their kleem.Mozhno also decorate with sequins and beads egg itself.

Technique kinusayga

technique that is used for decoration three-dimensional shapes can be different.You can nedelat slots in the foam blank, and pieces of cloth to impose nazagotovku and fix them with pins.But panels and paintings make all takipriderzhivayas first method, ie, slotted contours.Picture takzhebudet needs a beautiful frame.

Kogdadelayut frame, cut out a piece of cloth impressive size, the size of a five--santimetrov it must be greater than the picture.Then the back of the fabric is laid up, and the picture of it.At the edge of the border cut themselves on the edge of the fabric wrapped izapravlyayut picture in the slot.For the strength of the adhesive patches can be fluff or tolkoprorezi.For the relief effect can be put under the padding polyester rags.Peredetim sintepon need to glue on foam.

Votkakoy, beyond belief easiest method of making beautiful souvenirs.Myuvereny that patchwork without a needle smozhetpomoch you realize your creative potential.This is a great sposobrukodeliya, even if all of a sudden you do not like to engage in sewing or umeeteetogo do!

Smeleevoploschayte their ideas, have fun, create for themselves iblizkih!

esliv want to improve their knowledge in this kind of crafts, the suschestvuetogromnoe number of master classes, video lessons, both on the Internet and may be in your town!At these workshops you will be not tolkotehnologiyu patchwork, but also other popular ways of hand made.When vydostignete master level, you can even earn money doing on zakazsvadebnye albums, exclusive paintings, souvenirs, etc.Patchwork Other vidyrukodeliya will become your favorite hobby and wonderful sposobomsamovyrazheniya!

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