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Talisman Feng Shui Pi Yao

Description Pi Yao

Pi Yao looks like golovalva-dog one, rarely two horns on each side of the wing, rear skhvostom.Many people make the mistake of identifying with Pi Yao Qi Lin and dogs Fu.Veliky mascot Pi Yao has its own distinctive features.

He portrayed sidyaschim.Telo never recreate scaly, though, giving the old and says that PiYao - the son of the Dragon.

Talisman Pi Yao does not takoypopulyarny compared to Qi Lin Fu and a dog.But the ancient doctrine puts PiYao just a step below the Grand Dragon, which has ogromneyshuyuzaschitnuyu force.

Jewelry with simvolomtalismana can be found very rarely.However, there is a ring ispolzuemoemasterami Feng Shui to heal.

Talisman Pi Yao in pervuyuochered, protects against negative energy and multiplies the best.

What aims mascot?

Experts philosophy Hairdryer Shuypridayut great value Pi Yao as he in strength compared with moguschestvomDrakona.But despite this, the Pi Yao does not require worship.

most common talisman of the Pi Yao, as

well, and Fu, a main entrance to the temples, like nebesnymzaschitnikam to get protection from evil spirits.But it is worth saying that talismanPi Yao becomes much less to protect the temples than lions or Fu.

interesting fact chtoDrakona most revered in Beijing.In Shanghai, the business capital of ogromnoypopulyarnostyu enjoys once again we already know Pi Yao.He sluzhitangelom guardian and protector.No other city in China is not a PiYao with such deep faith and reverence, and that is why, perhaps, Shanhayprotsvetaet.Many of Shuya be committed Hairdryer woven together trade ifinansovoe predominance of Shanghai and the mascot of the Pi Yao.

Where is correct to place a Pi Yao?

Pi Yao should razmestitlitsom to the place where it comes from negative energy Sha, such as campfires corners, towers, cemeteries, dull zones.Set Pi Yao podokonnikeili front of the door, but that person was sent out.Talisman mozhnoustanavlivat in all parts of the house, and so he shall save his masters.There vazhnyymoment: Pi Yao should be positioned at eye level of the highest growth izvsey family or chapter.

there and what to do is not recommended.Do not place the talisman in the toilet, the bathroom ilispalne.

most deystvennymschitaetsya mascot that sits on coins.It will help not only in zaschitevashego home, but also make your financial condition is much greater.Takimumeniem he oblpdaet because of its boundless appetite that sposobstvuetnakopleniyu wealth.

This property nakopleniyapozvolilo talisman to gain recognition among businessmen all over the world, and outputting not only China.In Asia there are special stores that prodayuttolko this great talisman.

great power Pi Yao

Strongly consider the Pi Yao, which was made during the reign of the Ming Dynasty, and Han Shan.By the time the WTO talismans endowed with enormous importance and are especially valuable dlyabiznesmenov and manufacturers in China.Figures Pi Yao did not only zakazuImperatorov, and wealthy merchants, warlords.Mascots are imenasvoih owners and are believed to be particularly powerful, since vsebe enter into force ages.

Mascots are lichnymiohrannikami people and are able not only to increase wealth, but ukreplyatzdorove host.

But despite ogromnuyusilu ancient mascots, Feng Shui experts prefer to shape new models, because they believe that the ancient statuetkimogli accumulate positive energy not only centuries, but sohranitnegativ from the old owner.

Pi Yao How do I get to work?

trebuetpokloneniya Pi Yao does not own, but to open his strength, you need to hang next to the nimkolokolchik and monthly burn about a large candle.Thanks etimnehitrym actions Pi Yao will never lose its power.

How else affects the mascot?

Use Pi Yaomozhno and after the house is completed repairs to protect the home from negative energy.You can also priobrestiPi Yao for new housing.

Talisman neredkoispolzuyut Pi Yao to calm the Grand Duke Jupiter - Tai Sui to protect sebyaot his anger.

In business, Pi Yaotakzhe not replace, as their appetite not only attracts wealth, but izaschischaet from the competition!

Legends Pi Yao

Pi Yao - this is the 9th son of the Heavenly Dragon, which imeetmnogo names, it all depends on its purpose.Resident Pi Yao - heaven PiHiu earth dweller and Pi Kan - vodnyy.Kazhdy radiates goodness, protect and defend.All have one and the zhesvoystvami.

Word Wizard

Chinese are confident that domposetit luck and happiness, if it has a pair of Pi Yao.However, in stores mogutprodavatsya single figures, traditionally the Chinese people - it parnyytalisman.The classical production of Pi Yao - jade or jadeite, nodopuskaetsya and any other material.

If you have not been practicing Feng Shui, the poprobuytenachat to buy Pi Yao.Perhaps you will become a fan of this doctrine posletogo like to see the first favorable change.After Feng Shui teaches nasgarmonii with nature.Such a life position, we are confident, will prinestivam satisfaction!There are so many mascots Feng Shui.If vyvniknete in this teaching, you will be able to attract into your life the most sobytiya.Cherez good Feng Shui, we ennoble and cleared when surround ourselves with the softness, beauty and live in harmony with nature.

Buy charms of Feng Shui, and we already know, the Pi Yao, you can through the Internet or in specialized stores vashegogoroda.Boldly experimenting!After all, there is nothing better than to try something tonovenkoe!