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Forms of Tango

Argentine tango styles

most yarkoetango today marks under different music.Basically it tanetsotlichaetsya basic movements and tempo.At the present time many dancers neotdayut preference to a single mind, but use different chastodobavleniya new ideas.The main criterion for any kind of tango - it obyatie.Imenno on its distance (open or closed, on the other - close) yavlyaetsyaklyuchevym factor.For the open - a characteristic broad range of motion, ablizky - Partial touch shoulders partners.The most popular types tangosegodnya:

Tango Milonguero

his nachaloberet from 40-50 years.It is characterized by the execution in an inclined position willows shoulder joint partners.Milonguero - very intimate style is very close to zhenschinaraspolozhena partner, usually so that her left arm behind the neck nahoditsyadaleko men.For this type of tango characterized cuddle ipostoyanny upper contact for a good turn or Ocho.The main step taknazyvaemy "ocho cortado".This style is very well suited for lovers pa

r.Zdes all built on inner harmony and respect.Partner as if slushaetdrugogo using dance movements.Milonguero mnogovozmozhnostey opens for those who are not afraid to experiment.

Tango Salon

Emuharakterno some upright dancing.Embrace the proximity inherent openness, yet with an offset (from the center of the partner).The position of V tazhe trend left shoulder woman closer to the right shoulder men than eёpravoe to his left.On close embrace dancing made to relax, dabytantsovschiki could perform certain movements.

club-style tango

is yarkimprimerom connect two styles, namely salon and milonguero.For negoharakterny close embrace during turns.

New Tango or Tango Nuevo

rodayavlyaetsya His analytical approach for a detailed study of the structure of the dance.Emusvoystvenen number of new movements, combinations of steps.Nuevo - Tango with otkrytymiobyatiyami, where great importance is attached to each of the partners.Tantsovschikisohranyayut its own axis.

Tango Orilero

Ochenmanevrenny kind of tango dancers characterized by the preservation of a large rasstoyaniyamezhdu and steps outside the embrace.For this style is characterized by some igrivyenotki and chic appearance.Tango Orilero can dance like votkrytyh and close embrace.


Istoricheskayaforma tango.It is characterized by the displacement in the position V, close embrace isgibanie knees while driving.Particular attention is paid to the steps.

Tango Liso

storonykazhetsya From the most simple.A series of specific steps and something like walking, which was called kaminada.There is no big deal.This stilpredpochitaet simplicity and clarity.His foundation - the basic steps and figures.Lisolisheno difficult turns and figures.

Tango show "Fantasy»

This style of tango that chaschevsego used on stage.Bright combination of different styles, dopolneniyainteresnymi elements, open embrace, that is typical for Fantazii.Tango Fantasy require large energetic cost of ownership of high technology, excellent flexibility and good sense of his partner.

One samyhinteresnyh and unusual is finskoetango .

It vozniklona in Finland after World War II.Its creator of pravuprinyato considered Toivo Kärki.This style characterizes his slow iritmichnost.It is almost always in a minor key.What is most interesting, finskoetango in the vast country of the same name is considered an art for men.Pikpopulyarnosti of this style in the vast Finland falls to 60-ies. KogdaReyo Taipale recorded tango titled "Dreamland."

Zatemocherednoe rebirth of Finnish tango in the 90s gave rise to a new wave of voskhischeniyaetim dance.Tango began to appear everywhere in film, in television programs, articles and so forth. It is worth noting that each year in the small town Seynyayokiprohodyat charges fans of Finnish tango.

What zheharakterno for this style?The first is the nature of a ballroom.Vfinskom tango is present in close contact hips, following the lack of clear lines characteristic sharp head movements.

Ball Tango

Perhaps odiniz obscheuznavaemyh styles.It sports a dance that has become a must vprogramme international competitions and contests.Ball tango is essentially a strongly seasoned dance.There's no improvisation in argentinskom.Est set certain rules and regulations: follow certain lines, the position of the body and the head dancers, strict implementation of relevant elements and tomupodobnoe.Musical accompaniment for the dance is the same - a laconic ichetkoe.This can not be called tango melodic and smooth, compared with the other above-mentioned styles.