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How fast do Christmas costume for your child?

How fast do Christmas costume for your child? A quick and easy costume for a costume girl Pippi Longstocking.If your baby let you hair, plait braids that they stuck up hair gently with a soft fly wire ends do not forget to protect, not to cause discomfort to the child.On one pigtail can tie a bow, another left with a bow untied, make sure that it does not come undone.Surely, in the locker room there is a cheerful dress, which can be decorated with colored rags on top of another.Instead, make-up little face paint on a large color freckles.On the legs of different colors dress shoes or sandals.If the room is cool, then kolgotochki can wear different colors golfiki.Do not forget that Pippi is a faithful companion monkey, among the toys, perhaps there is a toy.So ready your carnival costume.

How fast do Christmas costume for your child? Tell me, what seems to be the boy from the role of super-hero?Why then not make him a costume cowboy?All you have to do this can be found in children's clothes.Firstly, we need old, faded jeans, shirt in a cage, a bright scarf or shawl, beneath them will hide the
face of the hero.It would be nice if your head cowboy is wide-brimmed hat if you can get it, be sure to tighten it in the middle of the field.This hat is made of easy to board.On the boy's legs can be shod boots with heels, you can attach it to the Spurs.Do not forget about the weapon of the hero in the times required to shove a toy gun.That's the whole suit.

to suit Prince generally need quite a bit.The main attribute is its prince a golden crown, it can easily be made from the same cardboard, colored foil wrapping, decorating decorative sequins and "precious" stones.Do not forget the cloak!For him, you can use any solid color material, it would be good if the ball would shiny fabric.Making the "hem" on the short side, skipping beautiful braid inside, it will be strings Cloak.In the middle of his cloak, on the back, you can draw some simple coat of arms, because in front of us-born prince!The boy wears a light shirt, dark trousers, better if they are fitting and shoes or boots that can be decorated with fur collars.Do not forget the sword to the Prince!If there is a need to buy a ready, if not, we will gain back the cardboard and foil.We throw the prince cape dress crown, sword and clings to us a real prince!

Another easy costume for girls - a gypsy costume.Several colorful skirts, bright blouse that fastens the top and bottom tie knots.Many colorful necklaces, bracelets, a little makeup.Shoes are not essential.Sew on a small skirt belt pouch to the small Gipsy put a deck of cards and earn coins.

How fast do Christmas costume for your child?

Children love to scare each other, so you can offer a child stay in the role of bringing Casper.To do this, you need white linen suit, but the suit and the usual sheets tied ponytail on her head, cut holes for the eyes, mouth, feet shod better light or white shoes Gym shoes.The cloth is tied at the waist, a white sweater dress fabric.Specter himself ready!

We wish you happy holidays!

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