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The first steps to good photographs

Many of the newcomers believe that their creations - masterpieces that nobody can.Novice photographers are not deliberate on how to learn to photograph beautiful, so they are delighted with their own creativity.Such photographers expect the collapse in a career that does not belong to those who believe that it needs to improve.Only when the photographer can see the error in their work, gain experience, he will be able to achieve success in the professional field, the area of ​​the hobby.

requirements engineering

Some of the photographers-beginners blames their failures unprofessional old camera.Then I bought a new camera, a very expensive, and it - lenses, flash, tripod.But the picture still is not very good.And here lies the first mistake novice photographers - they do not realize that a good photograph depends much more on the imagination of the photographer, rather than on the device used.Dear fancy camera facilitate the work of the photographer, but does not help to create a masterpiece.And

if you compare photos of professional and novice, the first done with a soap dish better and more beautiful picture than a novice with a professional camera.

ability to notice the beauty around

Some amateur photographers explain their failures lack of spectacular scenery or a special studio with beautiful models.Here again it is worth remembering that many masterpieces were filmed in the slums.Even with the most beautiful landscape novice photographer will be made lackluster and boring photos.Photographer problem lies in the fact that he is unable to see the beauty of the surrounding world.Of course, photographers should visit the various shows and exhibitions, and be in nature, but do not forget that beauty is often found nearby.

Photographers novice wrongly believe the creation of photos easy.All that is necessary - to gain time and click on.But for a good photo is necessary to see the light, to create a composition to show their emotions in a picture.Learning can start with the most simple and cheap camera.You must study it at 100% and use automatically.In addition, you must take the time to study special programs that process has taken a photo.To do this, you can visit the Photoshop lesson for beginners where you will learn to work with joy and photographs.This process is very interesting, and like many.


If you need to make a good shot, you should be interested.You need to understand exactly what you are doing and you have to enjoy this activity.For example, if you like to communicate with people and watch them on the street - look for yourself at a street portraitist, prefer to see people in the areas you portraitist, love nature - landscape.Starting work, try yourself in all genres, and only then choose what fits best.Photographer must demonstrate their own attitude to what is happening.Therefore, in no case do not take photos of something that you care about, otherwise your photos will also treat people indifferently.You have to feel sympathy for what you're shooting, and then the picture is beautiful, and surrounding it will be a positive charge and give them a smile.


Learn to criticize their own creations.Imagine that the pictures did not you - what would you advise the photographer?Share your photos of professionals and do not be afraid to listen to their views.After all, you can always take the help of knowledgeable people and take lessons Photoshop.Master will teach you the skills of processing the photos, explaining how to choose the right landscape for the shooting, will help you choose the shadow, light, background.

most common mistakes

Do not shoot anything that you feel is beautiful.You must be careful and concentrated.Later, you will notice that the frame that could be a great, flawed by some technical or other reasons.This again suggests that you should know your camera completely, or at the right time you will start to remember where the exposure compensation or the flash.

When are you going to take photographs, make sure that the camera is charged and the memory space is sufficient.Before you start shooting, take a close look at the subject you want to capture.Think about their feelings, about what you might be interested in this subject.Highlight what is most important and think how it can be emphasized.

Check how well consecrated the subject - because you need to convey the beauty?Pay attention to the foreign objects in the frame, focus, contrast, sharpness, color background.

Barely photo is done, check the white balance, exposure, sharpness.If there are any mistakes, keep shooting and do not stop until you do not have to arrange everything.Strive as soon as possible to remove the marriage.

Failures novice photographers hidden in them, and to become more successful it is necessary to change yourself!

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