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Toy from a balloon

1. Inflate the long ball (usually used for this special pump).Fill it with air, not to the end, leaving 10-12 cm, and tie.

Toy "Bear"

2. twisting ball (always in one direction - if spinning in different, the shape will not hold the shape), make consistent muzzle, slightly smaller head, then a sufficiently large cheek and a small ear.The upper part of the head should be of the same size as the cheek.Make another one ear and cheek.Twisting ball, hold the finished parts by hand.

3. Twist of the ball, forming a head.You should have a ring that combines five elements - cheeks, ears and top of the head.

4. Pass the remaining two items in the ring, so to get a little face and neck.

5. To ears were more like the real thing, take each ear and twist your fingers in the direction that you choose initially.

6. Make neck twisted ball a little below the head.

7. Go to the details of the body - twist the ball, so to get the upper paw, then the shorter lower, then the lower and upper back.Twist the ball at the base o
f the neck.

Toy "Bear"

8. Of the remainder of the globe make the back and abdomen.The residue inside the hide toys or gently dangling ball, tie a knot and cut off excess.

9. Make the nose of the remainder of colored balls, tie.Inflate the ball thin - "scarf."

10. Draw a permanent marker eyes and claws.Creative imagination - let your bear will find character and mood.

Magazine "Hand-made» № November 2007

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