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Surely in the pantry each find old ballet shoes, sneakers or shoes.They lie in the farthest corner of the forgotten, but the favorite, why not ejected years.To revive them and make possible fashion, and it's not as difficult as it seems.To start
buy special acrylic paint, contours, ink and crayons for decorating fabric.The total cost of such a set is not large - from 500 rubles.Try to paint directly with your fingers, but it's better if you first apply pattern on the fabric.If you want to paint the sole, use resistant paint for ceramics - it will withstand the load.If you feel the talent, then you can even paint patent leather shoes.For this you need a marker for glass.
hands as you can then wash with plain water with any dishwashing detergent.
begins with simple drawings and when nabёsh hand, develop more complex.


first experiments suitable for the old T-shirt and jeans.Everything, no matter what you did to them, do not spoil them.In extreme cases get very bizarre thing.
To begin wash clothes and looks.Dirt and dust will not interfere with the ink secured.Feel free to Draw paints for fabric on a pre-Allocated circuit.Then do not forget to let the paint dry and then iron the thing Hold iron or in the oven.So entrenched paint, and you can erase as many thing.
If you want to breathe new life into leather products, use a marker to the skin and does not handle image iron.

In order to create a stylish image, even without experience, you can just gently splashing paint on fabric - small or large droplets blot.The main thing is to know the extent of that thing did not look clumsy.
transforms ordinary shirt even easier.Wear old sneakers or shoes, the soles of perch in the paint and step on the jersey.And, you want to keep the memory handprint lover, friend or child.The easiest way to obtain patterns of flowers, peas, strips.At the same time they look modern and contemporary.


If you have old wooden beads, trinkets of enamel or metal, they can make a very elegant.You need special paint suitable for the material from which made the thing and thin brush.Choose any picture that you like.For example, you can take the designer clothes or copyrights of other craftsmen, or come up with something of their own.Be careful not to cause unnecessary lines.To begin to experiment with two - three colors.

If you have an old silk scarf, stole, or even cotton dress, make them ornate is also very simple.Bind up the many small nodules on the fabric, it perches in a special paint or Procrit nodules only when the fabric is dry, and the knots untie, you will see the amazing patterns that you will create with their own hands.

To make things really beautiful, it is possible to combine painting and embroidery, you can decorate them with beads and beads, to make stripes, inlays.But you never know what can come up with a talented man!Do not be afraid to experiment and try something new, your efforts are sure to come true.

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