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Candles with their hands

essence of the process.
To make a candle, you will need wax or paraffin.Buy these components can be on the Internet at specialized sites or in stores for artists.If the area of ​​your reach there was not one or the other, take a basis for a couple of ordinary white candles.It is even more convenient - you can take out of them a ready-made wick and you do not have to look for a special twisted rope, searching all the hardware stores in a row.

For cutting hard wax you'll need a very sharp knife and metal utensils.In it you will warm up the paraffin or wax, mix it with decorative little things that you want to decorate a candle.This can be beads, colored thread, dried flowers, beads - yes anything!The only thing you need from a professional utensil - a form by injection.But it can be made with their own hands.

For this shape from plasticine layout candle as you dress her.It can be any shape - both traditional and exotic.Then zaley form gypsum and wait for it to complete solidification.After.the plaster
hardens, engrave stuffing and surf the form.You can do it even easier - take a flat glass vessel, grease and used as a form of it.
edges of any shape can be covered with sticky sparkles, then your candle will turn even more elegant.

most simple to manufacture candles - paraffin.The wax should be rubbed on a fine grater or chop with a knife, as the chips melt easily.The mass needed to heat a water bath over low heat, stirring occasionally.While the wax to adopt uniform shape in a pan, cook and shape, and the wick.The wick is the process you need to prepare in advance.Experienced "svechkodely" dipped in a solution of nitrate or molten paraffin and allowed to dry completely.

Pour the wax into the mold and let it harden completely.Then a long needle through the hole and has done a paste in a wick.Paraffin hardens up to 5 hours, but if you do not want to wait, you can put a candle in the freezer, then the time will be reduced to yazastyvanie hours.


If you have in mind to make colored candles, get, get food coloring or colored wax as a base.If the candle on a plan to be a multi-layer and multi-color, then each part will have to be cast separately.
While soft paraffin, decorate it any improvised material.If you left a candle monochromatic on it will look good sequins or one tape.
After the candle in the form of frozen, carefully take out it by pulling the wick.If the shape of a candle stuck in the most severe cases, we have to cut it with a knife.Act carefully, so as not to spoil the surface.
In addition, you can take care of and make scented candle.It is enough to drip a few drops of paraffin aromatic oils (except rose and incense) or sprinkle dry spirits.

Decorative candles paint colors, decorated with pieces of glass and even metal.Eternal candle whose price exceeds tens of thousands of dollars, they are decorated with precious metals and stones.It is not necessary to make such a luxury model, even a simple candle made with his own hands, will be a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Now stores often sell whole sets for the manufacture of candles of varying difficulty at home.You can try yourself not only in the production of wax, and gel candles.Perhaps the process so grab you, that you open your small company that will deliver exclusive candles.