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History of Embroidery

general embroidery - a way to decorate clothing and interior using a pattern of colored threads - there is a very long time.Already in the ancient world it was known many ways and types of embroidery.Basically it symbolized certain beliefs of a people, it is a kind of talisman against the dark forces and evil spirits.Also, for example, in ancient Egypt, embroidery meant certain social position: the most beautiful, colorful, rich embroidery was done on clothing only at persons the royal family, the Pharaohs;in the lower strata of society it was much more modest or non-existent.

course, embroidery was prevalent not only in Egypt, but also, for example, in ancient Greece, where it was found utensils, which depicts women embroider hoop.Extant and ancient Chinese silk products, which artfully embroidered with gold and silver threads.

have embroidery Slavic peoples originally had a religious character, was a so-called talisman against evil.No wonder the embroidery was on the edge of the sleeves, collar, hem

, that is, in those places where the body is opened.Most others, certain patterns designed for festive, ritual and wedding dresses.Embroidery gave the baby at birth, it was believed that they protect it from evil spirits.

embroidery later began to use not only as symbols of deities, amulets, but also as a decoration of clothing and household items - curtains, tablecloths, bedding, hats, shirts, towels and so on.Women know how to embroider a variety of patterns from geometric shapes to different scenes from everyday life.It is famous for embroidery from Byzantium, where craftsmen have reached unprecedented heights in the image of floral ornament.

embroidery on the technique strongly influences the structure of the tissue may therefore particularly cross-stitch has been distributed as an easier way.However, the satin stitch is as ancient way.Also of great importance was attached not only an ornament, but also colors, embroidered pattern.Often certain colors or color combinations are the original card, which - or villages, towns, and sometimes a whole nation.

general embroidery in the village was very common and is associated mainly with the cultural practices, while in the city it can be found much less frequently and mainly in the noble people.In urban embroidery largely influenced not cultural traditions and fashions of the time.

Hand embroidery, and now, in the world of high technology and machine labor, has not lost relevance and popularity.Things decorated with embroidered ornaments, pillows, towels, gets unusual and original.Embroidered cross-stitch pattern is often valued higher painted in oil on canvas.Therefore, if you master the basic techniques of embroidery and cross stitch, can be inexpensively and easily create great products.