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Tools for knitting

Circular needles.
these needles you can knit in a circle.However, they are also well used to big knitwear, knitted rows are there - back.Working ends of the spokes are connected to a flexible scaffold.Depending on the size of the product you can purchase long circular needles from 40 to 150 cm. It is also possible to choose between the spokes of metal, plastic or bamboo.

flexible spokes.
They are intended primarily to implement large parts.The end of each spoke is equipped with a flexible extension limiter.

Hosiery needles.
Such needles long 20 or 15 cm, and with spikes at either end of the pressure always sold five pieces.They are necessary for knitting socks or gloves.There hosiery needles made of metal, plastic or bamboo.

needles for knitting "braids".
These support spokes facilitate the implementation of a pattern with wide braids.The spokes have a slight curvature in the middle, so they are not loops slide off.

holder loops.
In them you can put on a loop that is not currently used in t
he work.They work like a large safety pins.

limiter loops.
soft rubber (even in the form of teddy bears), they will need if you one day want to postpone knitting.Thanks to this device, the loop does not slip from the spokes.They will transfer your work well transportation.These helpers are easy to remove, if you have a desire to continue knitting.Surge loops are presented in a variety of sizes.

Holders yarn.
These holders can be wound small pieces of thread.Then, especially in multi-color work, you do not have to mess around with large coils.

thimble for knitting.
he needed, when you when the jacquard pattern in a row using several colors of yarn.Thimble fits over the left index finger.Through small loop can simultaneously stretch from 2 to 4 filaments.

Counter series.
They are placed on the ends of the spokes.Turn a small drum after the counting of each series, you'll always know at what stage is your job.

clips for marking loop.
These small details you can attach to the loops during operation.They can celebrate knit rapport place holes for buttons, place the transition to a new circle or other appropriate point.

gauge spokes.
With this device you can determine the exact number of spokes that do not have labels.

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