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Drawing up of bouquets and compositions of flowers

Making arrangements and bouquets of flowers.Terms of bouquets.

Flowers previously cut with a sharp knife or until the dew at dawn or late evening, when the heat subsided.In woody colors, such as lilac, cut cleaved in all colors removed the lower leaves.And the roses and thorns removed yet.

flowers to bouquets dipped into a large container of water, plunging to the base of the flowers, put in a cool place for a couple of hours.

When the flowers are ready for bouquets, their ends are cut with a sharp knife again (updated).In these colors, ka: carnation, cyclamen, chrysanthemum on the lower part of the stem is incised to a depth of 3 cm.

Dahlia, puasentsiya, poppy, hydrangea, peony and other plants containing latex - ends burned with fire, or dipped inscalding water, then immediately in cold water.At lilies and some other types of anthers removed.In order that they lasted longer in the bouquet.

When all initial preparation is complete, you can start to flowers.To do this, sort colors in s

ize.Then taken an odd number of colors of different lengths.The length of the flower is short ¾ length medium, medium-length - ¾ of the longest.You can also use the flowers in different stages of blooming bud from unopened buds, to have discovered.

put flowers in a vase is not dense, hold a different angle and in a different direction, adhering to the naturalness.At the bottom of the vase near the center, it is necessary to place a dark and large flowers.Along the edges of the small light-colored flowers.

suitable for low vases small flowers, they are located close to each other, but do not fill in all the empty spaces in the vase, clearance must remain.

Determining the size and shape of the bouquet.

To determine which bouquet you want to make, first think about what you make it.To decorate the dining table for a small bouquet, in a small bowl.They should be rounded bouquet in a low vase.Similar bouquets for decoration solemn meeting table, a few vases of flowers put on the edges so that they do not disturb the audience.

For more beauty and aesthetic perception in the house put ampelnye bouquet, with drooping stems and flower heads rush down.

To decorate the apartment is very fashionable to buy floor vases.But no matter how beautiful vase without flowers, it pales.For this fit tall vase flowers on a tall stalk with large buds.You can diversify a bouquet of flowers hanging on the edges.Flowers should be higher than 2 times the vase.With this bouquet ceiling will seem higher.

If you have a desire to diversify his home, then it is better to make bouquets in vases low, they provide an opportunity to dream.They can be different from the colors of the composition of various forms.If the colors a lot, it is not necessary to consider the number, and when a small amount - the number must be odd.

to field and meadow flowers are great bowls from clay.For gladioli, chrysanthemums Grandiflora - large ceramic vase.Glass vase made in a graceful manner.It is suitable for the same delicate pinks.Flowers with stems meek pose usually low, sometimes even flat vase.

for bouquets preferred ceramic vases, they do not reflect light and bouquets keep them longer.

combination of colors of flowers.

for the correctness of the original drawing and composition of the colors, it is necessary to correctly choose the color.

All naturally occurring dyes are formed by mixing the basic colors: red, yellow and blue.Contrasting combinations are the colors: red - green;Yellow - Purple;blue - orange.It is for this rule, and it is necessary to distribute the flowers in the colors of the composition.

You can put in between the flowers with a white color, they are combined with all the colors and help improve the perception of your ideas.

Solid or monochromatic combinations are composed of shades of one color, but with different intensity of color, such as: pale yellow, yellow and bright yellow or orange.

Methods fixing flowers in a vase

but low on the vase placed damp moss cushion of sfanguma, the bonding wire, and then to a rigid fixation of the same wire is attached to the bottom of the vase.The stems of flowers inserted into the holes already prepared.

most time consuming way to fix this consolidation tattoos.Take the solution from the sand and cement is placed on the bottom of the low vases, to this solution insert nails points upwards.After the solution is solidified, a nail set flowers.

Next view - wooden struts, they are inserted into the upper part of the vase and serve the same purpose as the previous ones.

All fixing camouflage grass or moss.

way of extending the life of cut flowers.

flowers to stay fresh longer, they should be cut as soon as begin to bloom.They are stored at low temperature and high humidity the better.For long-term storage of flowers, they are placed in the cold, for that wrapped them in paper and film, for short incubation - put in a pot of water on the cold, close the top film.

colors more suited to water rain or snow.In winter, it should be at room temperature, and in the summer - cool.Orchids, daffodils, hyacinths are best stored in warm water.

Water colors should be changed regularly when you change the water the flowers, cut the end of the stem tips and a sharp knife.In lilacs and chrysanthemums stalks are not cut, it only breaks off and cleaved ends.Asters and dahlias like an evening shower, so they changed the water washed and stems under water.Regularly spray their flowers, carnations are not only like a shower.

To extend the life of their "pets" should be applied nutrient solution.2-5% sugar solution with water and acidified with bactericidal agents.Remember, do not tolerate sugar cyclamen, lilies, amaryllis, Clematis.

Some flowers can also be capricious, if they do not like their neighbor in the composition.Rose and carnation do not like each other, so do not put them in a vase.Lilies of the valley, narcissus, mignonette, pinks, sweet peas and tubular lilies do not get along with other colors, they should be put in separate vases.

To better preserve the bouquet, you can add various auxiliary branches.For example, a sprig of geranium or arborvitae longer helps to keep many bouquets and arrangements.To tulips can be attached cypress branch.Lilies of the valley will delight you longer if you put them stems woodruff.Rose becomes fragrant from the bow.