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How to start breeding purebred cats

st special literature, which describes in detail how to start breeding purebred cats.After all, each breed has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages over the other.An important detail is that this hobby requires knowledge of genetics, zoology, veterinary medicine.In general, this should be part of your life, not just a hobby.But the focus on the summary of product characteristics of the process of breeding pedigreed cats.

should start with the fact that the breeding of pedigreed cats is much more difficult than usual.It is necessary to adapt to their Narva, indulging their habits, to fence off "the troubles and misfortunes," watch over them, sometimes around the clock.

Before breeding a particular breed, it is necessary to include a cold mind and calculate the costs.For here, as in the ordinary business, not to make a profit without cost.In particular this applies to vaccinations.And secondly, the owners of the "star" pet charge a considerable fee for mating.It is also important that y

our "bride" or "groom" should be "dowry" - proof that it is purebred, healthy, with a clear pedigree.Significant role in this play and awards from exhibitions, take part in that also costs money, but also the risk of contracting diseases, which are then also fall on the shoulders of the owners (so caring breadwinners pierce their pets special preparations that enhance the immune system).And yet, that everything went smoothly, you will need medical attention during childbirth.Naturally, this service is also applicable.

Breeding cats can make a normal way of life a lot of hassle.We must be prepared for unpleasant odors.Although, if the house is not "breeding" cat, the neat home will not have a problem with it.

in your house should be fairly large space, because the first brood of kittens will live some time with you.It happens that some kittens are born handicapped or sick.Sell ​​them is impossible, so you need to be prepared to keep the animal to provide care or wishing to give gratuitously.Although many owners of cats are euthanized ...

In order to get "into the light", as mentioned above, you need to take part in exhibitions.They help to find more competitive, so to speak, your animal.In preparation for it takes a lot of effort.Modern technologies have penetrated in the industry, so to put in a decent view of your pet is not affordable.And not all of the procedures cats perceive with joy.

not immediately you will have the opportunity to find the right fit, and to ensure that you were allowed mated, the cat should have at least one title.For a cat above requirements - you need several titles, positive feedback is crucial it has produced offspring.Posterity should have better than parents, so when choosing a pair of pedigree cats and evaluate: the offspring will not be the best, if cats have close relatives (something akin to the human incest).Terms of sets cat owner, he can come to an agreement about money or ask for a certain number of kittens born.It should be noted that the owners of cats closely related to the process of knitting, which lasts a few days.

After the birth of kittens for the hosts comes a difficult period: it is necessary to accustom them to the pot, to monitor the relationship with the mother-cat (not all breeds are different solicitude for their offspring).We need to know about the amount of milk: whether enough kittens.If not - buy and feed the mixture with a pipette.Kittens output worms and being vaccinated.Sell ​​consult three months when they had to forget the mother's milk.In the past - there is no point, can grow defective cat.

As you can see, breeding cats, and even thoroughbred - a rather troublesome task.Besides the right to breed pedigreed cats must also get - become a member of a recognized society for the breeding of cats.Starting to breed, you need to remember: do not increase the number of cats of the same breed, and to improve the breed.And the lion's share of funds received from the transactions goes to the pets themselves.

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