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Flower arrangements of garden flowers

composition suitable for any color you like.After bringing the plant home, crop them, remove any excess leaves, remove the thorns from the roses.Then you need a good drink of water.To do this, place the plant in a large bucket with fresh water (to add a piece of charcoal, or aspirin) and cut the stems under water again.It is necessary that at the end of the stem does not form a thin layer of air that prevents water absorption.Let asserted flowers in water for several hours.And if you want to leave them, even for a day.After that they can continue working.Decide where in the house you would like to put a bouquet.Put to a vessel filled with 3/4 water and proceed directly to the creativity!

Flower Arrangement in a glass.

Flower arrangements can be of different shapes.Now honor round bouquets.For them ideal plants with rounded inflorescence, such as marigolds, asters, marigolds, and others.Iris, gladiolus and foxglove - excellent "material" to create oval-shaped flowers.And if you plan to place the co

mposition on the coffee table, try to create a bouquet of triangular shape.The size of the bouquet can be very different.From very tiny to huge - half the height of a man.Small bouquets look great, such as the dining room table.Optionally, place it in a vase - champagne glass is not worse.Such mini-bouquets can be "hooked" as the twig and berries candle - get the original table decoration.And if you fix the glass in several callas along with verdure, get luxurious snow-white composition could not be better suited for a wedding or other celebration.Another option for festive table: cut off the heads of the flowers, such as carnations, and place them in a saucer of water.And to all this splendor looked even more spectacular, to add a few green leaves and a floating candle - guests will be delighted!Large bouquets - a diameter of 50 cm or more - not placed on the table, and, as a rule, on the floor.For such compositions usually select the most showy flowers, in the background using the stems and leaves of a fern, asparagus, baby's breath.In the center of the bouquet of flowers placed largest.If a lot of colors in the composition, make sure that they do not bunch up, and were free, the air.But it is not scattered.

What goes with what.

This question bothers all newcomers.In fact, experienced florists often manage to combine in a single bouquet, seemingly most incongruous plants.So it all depends on your taste and imagination.However, if you are not looking to your own taste and learn at first make bouquets of flowers of one species.But just a "naked" colors do not look very interesting, they definitely need to supplement the green - then the bouquet will play for real!Green leaves create the background, set off the beauty of flowers.In the background, use the peony leaves, stalks of asparagus, baby's breath.You can also borrow a few leaves from your indoor plants: for example, carnations, monstera or cut a sprig of ivy.

If you want to bring together several kinds of colors, it is necessary to reflect on the colors of plants, which will be collected in a bouquet.The perception of color - something purely individual, and no clear recommendation on this point.Still, keep in mind that some colors are inspired, others allow you to relax, others evoke sadness, well, just push the fourth.So the mischievous orange-yellow bouquets disperse melancholy and depression, red feed us with vital energy, blue-green give rest and peace, pink easier to find inner peace.But purple (if they do not there are other shades) can plunge into melancholy.So consider this when drawing up the bouquet.Consider also the fact that some of the colors complement each other, while others - not.For example, white is often called the universal color.He "gets" perfectly with all other colors, shading and softening their dark tones.Red is good "feel" themselves in the company of yellow and white.Orange and yellow combined with blue, blue and purple.Well, purple - yellow and white.

Choice vessel flower arrangement.

It is important to choose a vase, worthy of your creation.In principle, such a vessel can be any capacity, in harmony with a floral composition.In addition to traditional vases (glass, plastic, clay, crystal), it is possible to come up with more original.About the glasses and saucers we have already mentioned, there are other options.For example, pot or cup.Even pumpkin is suitable as a vase.Because it is only necessary to cut the flesh and cut off the top.Let century pumpkin vase is not long, but how unusual and fun it looks!There is only one "but": a vessel must not have loud patterns and elaborate drawings, and ideally be plain or with small inclusions.Otherwise, all the attention is not on the bouquet and on the vase.It is important that the vase and flowers complement each other, merging together.For example, if a bouquet in pink tones, it will make a couple of pink vase, a few shades lighter or darker than the flowers themselves.And you can do without the vase and used to feed the plants floral sponge "oasis".It is sold in flower shops.Pour it periodically water, and flowers will remain fresh for a long time.Advantages sponge in that it is easily punctured, and therefore can give the composition of any shape.Securing a bouquet in the sponge, it can be placed in a wicker basket or dish.Just do not forget to disguise "oasis", for example, shells, beads, pebbles or moss.If you want to fix the bouquet in a low vase, you will help the needle holder mounted on the bottom of the vessel.Just pinned plants on needles and all - "hedgehog" keep them safely, no matter how many colors it is located.And further.Do not forget to take care of the composition - then it will live for many days.Add a preservative to the water for the flowers.And do not forget every day to pour fresh water: plants absorb it quickly.Protect the flowers from overheating and drafts, periodically spray water from a spray bottle and mercilessly remove wilting specimens.And never put your floral masterpiece next to the fruit: apples, pears, and others like them emit ethylene, which accelerates the blooming flowers.

Floral arrangements made of dried garden flowers.

Generally speaking, collect and dry herbs, flowers and different branches, sticks better in the summer and autumn.But if you do this too late, do not worry - something you can prepare even in winter.For example, pine branches or arborvitae.Cut your favorite threads and bringing home three days into hot (60 degrees), the aqueous solution of glycerol (1: 1).Then wash and dry them.And you can create a real winter bouquet.Take a piece of foam, chop it and put the resulting "snow" on the peeled branches that previously necessary to cover the furniture with lacquer or a thin layer of glue.By the way, by the twigs can be given a very intricate form.Better for this use a willow branch that bends well.Clean them from bark and wind on some object such as a bank or a roller.When they dry up, it will take the form of the subject.Try to place so bent twigs to the upper end of looking up, not down.

Fantastic enliven the interior and bouquets of dried flowers.To create such compositions can buy ready-made dried plants, painted in different colors.Unleash your imagination - do not be afraid to combine with cereals dried flowers, cones, various branches and driftwood!Keep only the flowers, leaves and branches in harmony with each other.To the composition looked more advantageous, install branches and flowers at different angles at different levels.As a fixture suitable foam, clay, pillows of moss and more.And if you want your bouquet was truly original and unique in future loan collection and zasushkoy plants themselves.The more that collect them - a pleasure, and quite easy to dry.For example, if you plan for the future of the dried flowers to make a picture, it is enough to put the plant in the summer book, previously straightened all the leaves.But if the flat version does not suit you, offering you surround.With him will have to tinker a little longer, but in the form of dried plants do not lose any shape or color.Set the plant in a box, secure and carefully cover them with dry fine sand.Make sure only to all the petals and leaves were straightened!Place the box on a couple of weeks in a dry place, and then make a hole in the bottom of the box and remove all the sand through them.Now you only have to brush away brush remnants of sand, and you make sure that the plant looks like a living thing.But plants with many small flowers (gypsophila, lavender, lady's mantle), can dry up in the microwave.Arrange the plants on the filter paper in the oven.Turn it on half power for a few minutes, then remove the plants and hang them by the stems of a few days.

dried flowers you can not just put in a vase and invent original board composition, but also to create their masterpieces using the wall.For example, to weave them into the straw dishes that adorn the walls of your kitchen, fix them to the wire, say, or more roots of unusual shape, a branch of larch or birch bark.You can use a variety of wooden frames of round, oval or square.In this case, it is recommended to make the background of the canvas or cardboard colored velvet - it emphasizes the beauty of the plants.Who it was popular to combine the dried flowers with skin, feathers, nylon.Another fashion trend - includes dry leaves and fruit bunches of vegetable plants.Parsley, cabbage, celery also dried in the sand, after which they migrate to the picture.Well, it is complementary to "dry splendor" some fruits garden plants.For example, the poppy (boxes harvested after seed ripening), peonies (the fruit withered plants), rhubarb (ripe fruit) Physalis (cut bright orange lanterns).You can also dry the berries, such as red and black mountain ash, wild rose.

Beautiful bouquet of dried roses and turn.Once you see that the roses presented to you on the day of birth, began to fade, remove them from the water and turn the head down.Hang to dry in a dark warm place.In the same way, you can preserve dahlias, calendula, clematis, yarrow, daisies and many other colors.The more you have prepared "dry stocks," the better.Store them in a cardboard box recommended by placing flower heads filter paper or napkins.After the long winter evenings to easily get rid of a bad mood and apathy with the help of flower arrangements of garden flowers.The compositions of these - whether live or dried - literally permeated by the sun.And if you feel that in my heart played out the storm, create a new stunning bouquet of flowers or a picture - and melancholy will be over!