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Embroidery silk ribbons

In China, there is a legend that the wife of Emperor Huang Tzu, named Sea Lynch, during a walk came across a silkworm cocoon, its thread is very interested in it.She unwound the cocoons and decided to weave the fabric of them.This light, pleasant and extremely beautiful fabric caused great excitement among the emperor and his entourage, and soon after that, China has become the first major exporter of silk.Almost 200 years the Chinese kept strictly secret of making silk.But soon, around the 1st century, silk ribbons and fabric delivered with China to Europe along the Silk Road, began to compete with the paintings of bombotsiny - strands produced silkworms.Homeland of this tissue was Greece, it produced on the island of Kos.However, silk still occupies a leading position in the market and the cost was equivalent to gold.Only nobles and members of the royal family could afford to decorate their garments of silk ribbons.Using silk ribbons are widely used for decorating clothes with embroidery, intended for

important ceremonies, gala evenings and ceremonies.Color ribbon reflected the social status and the origin of its owner.A Greek and Roman women used silk ribbon to decorate their hair.In the mid-15th century, the Italian masters learned to make silk, thence climatic conditions contributed to the very breeding silkworms.And from that time itself embroider silk ribbons became more and more skilled workers.Garter belts were used for heavy curtains, produced beautiful paintings and decorated furniture.In 1446, French King Louis XIV, the writing down of the Italian masters, artisans began studying in France.And already in 1560, the number of weavers engaged in the manufacture of silk was more than 50 thousand.Every year the demand for silk and silk ribbons, and they are used more widely, such as King Louis used a silk ribbon in decorating their own shoes and pay a lot of ladies have become bulky and large quantities were decorated with ribbons.In the XVIII century, in France, there were first, similar to modern embroidery silk ribbons.Now, instead of silk fringe, expensive dresses French fashionistas were decorated with flower patterns in the style of "Rococo".This mode is smoothly shifted to decorate clothes.Husbands just fluttered from the elegant and refined roses, exquisitely embroidered on the shirts of their favorite wives.The demand for silk strip was so great that the royal court began to appear studio engaged embroidered silk ribbons.True masterpieces of famous workshops of the royal court, made using conventional needles and silk ribbons.A variety of wardrobe items, paintings of the French era have survived to this day, and are the pride of modern museums in the world.

ribbons embroidery technique is not difficult, if you compare it with the cross stitch.The main thing to remember types of stitches, and then you're easy to master this technique.For the embroidery, you will need the backing of dense tissue, can be recommended for beginners to use canvas that drawing was more smooth and even.Hoop better to take a little more, if possible, get an outdoor hoop, if you are going to embroider large volume figures.The small hoop can be used for "flattened" stitches.Ribbons, you can buy in any store with sewing accessories.Buying needle, choose those that have a great ear, that would be a broad silk ribbon I was able to walk through.When sewing, tape should easily slide freely, not confused and do not curl.Optimal will tape of satin or silk.Such tapes are very beautiful shimmer in the light and the picture looks much more spectacular, in addition to such tapes to work with.The technique of embroidery silk ribbons can be combined with both conventional and embroidered satin stitch.It looks nice when the flowers are decorated in a volume of buds and leaves and stems are embroidered with silk thread embroidery.To revive and make the picture more natural help embroidered or made of another material butterflies, dragonflies.The finished product can be decorated with beads or beads.Embroidery takes place in several stages, it includes simple stitches, loops, knots and gossamer.For starters, you can perform all of these elements on a single piece of canvas or cloth, and then begin embroidering the planned figure.Embroidery can be washed in soapy water.Ironed necessarily from the inside, what would embroidery has not lost its scope and become flat.Today on the Internet you can easily find all kinds of embroidery scheme that will greatly facilitate the work of budding craftswomen.

beautiful embroidery silk ribbons are also widely used in the creation of religious icons and art paintings.Also silk ribbon is an inherent part in the decoration of celebrations and ceremonies.All sorts of ruffles and ribbons embroidered wedding dress brides, bags, tablecloths and napkins, envelopes for newborns, bedspreads.Bouquets of flowers, boxes for gifts, all expertly decorated with embroidery and silk ribbons.Ribbons and bows in red, in the West have become a traditional symbol of Christmas.They decorated Christmas tree on the eve of the New Year, are fixed to the front doors of houses.Today in the domestic market, there are professional kits for embroidery silk ribbons.The standard set usually includes: a tape of various colors, outline scheme in full size, needle and instruction.Sometimes kits are complemented by decorative fabrics, thick paper, depending on the planned figure.Today, dear mistress, and you, can easily master this wonderful world of embroidery silk ribbons.All you need is a little patience and a modicum of your imagination, and very soon you will delight your loved ones real masterpieces of this ancient art form!

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