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Aquarium fish, care for them

1. Buy tank
Do not be surprised, but the care of aquarium fish aquarium begins with the acquisition.After all, the shape and size of the aquarium explain his feeling, and therefore the quality and length of life of the fish.

When choosing the shape and size of the aquarium, you know:
- in large aquariums less contaminated water than in small aquariums,
- its size must match the dimensions of the fish and their number.The larger fish will inhabit it, the greater must be the aquarium, so you need to think in advance what it will live fish,
- must conform to the shape of the aquarium landscape design that is suitable for them.One fishes need rocks and seaweed, while others will be able to live in an empty aquarium fishes need a third at the bottom of the soil,
- the shape of the aquarium should be such that you can be comfortable and easy to maintain it (change the water, clean), but from the bizarre dimensions betterjust give up.

2. Decorate the aquarium
Stones, mini-rock, driftwood, seaweed -

for people all this is a jewel of an aquarium for fish - a necessary condition of existence.Ideally, the aquarium is necessary to create conditions that would comply with all that to which the fish are used to in nature.This requires time and effort, but then fully justified.You want your fish in the aquarium was good?

At the bottom of the aquarium should pour the sand, decorate the sea with gravel, bits of glass, mosses, algae, shells, driftwood, stones of different colors and shapes.But this does not mean that all of the above must be in the same aquarium, not at all.In other aquarium fish will hide from you the abundance of driftwood and seaweed, and the aquarium will acquire a ridiculous kind of

How would you not want to decorate the aquarium to the maximum, it is necessary to choose such jewelry, which are necessary for its inhabitants.You've probably already decided with what the fish will live in your aquarium, we studied their habitat and habits especially.

In addition, when you choose for any aquarium decorations do not buy items with sharp edges, because the aquarium fish can hurt them.Before decorating the aquarium stones, bits of glass, shells, and rinse well disinfect these ornaments, and then pour over boiling water.Do not use non-natural ornaments and artificial algae.When the tank completely decorated, it must add water, let stand up a week before it can populate fish.

3. Choose fish
House ready for the fish, now you need to buy the aquarium inhabitants.Perhaps you followed our advice and determine what kinds of fish live in the aquarium.Recall a few simple rules, how to choose fish.We hope in the future the rules facilitate the care of fish.
- Pick up the fish subject to the conditions of detention, they are thermophilic or cold resistance and the characteristics of their feeding,
- fish with each other should get along well, and therefore do not need them "settle" with fish predators, and small fish, or as soon as possible,they may not be in the tank,
- no need to buy fish that require special conditions, it is not necessary to risk their time to suit their whims,
- healthy fish mobile, energetic, have transparent fins, typical of its kind color, elastic bellyand thick scales.

4. feed the fish
For fish may only look fully at the right diet.Now on sale there is a varied selection of different feeds is much easier life fish hosts.Do not stop at one dry food than the fish will eat more varied, so they will be more active and healthier.And in addition to the main feed for aquarium fish should eat shredded lettuce, oatmeal cereal and meat.

to fish not obese, do not overfeed them, it is considered one of the main problems of feeding fish.All this is fraught with reduction of life and a violation of their reproduction.What should be the norm for food fish?They must eat the food within 5 to 7 minutes, the rest of the feed will be superfluous.It is enough to feed the fish once a day, the fry should be fed twice.

5. Caring for the aquarium
Proper care of the fish, and is to keep them clean.This is the replacement of water, it must be done once a week, and in the large aquarium, it should be changed once a month.The water that is poured should be the same hardness and temperature as in the aquarium.In addition, it should be pre-spaced and filtered.

glass aquarium should be cleaned using a special scraper, and decorative ornaments cleaned with fish that feed on algae.Populate the aquarium a few Ancistrus, they are also called "Sanitation aquarium", and all the stones, driftwood will shine.

more need to monitor the state of the ground, it is very necessary for plants and fish, as well as support in the right biological balance of the aquarium.

Aquarium fish care for them, now we know what you need to exercise care for aquarium fish.Let care for fish will bring you pleasant emotions and let the aquarium pleases you with its beauty.

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