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Aquarium: how to keep fish, tips for beginners

1. When choosing aquarium give preference to large aquariums.Do not skimp.Oddly, for a large aquarium is easier to maintain.It should not be frequently cleaned and biological balance it is easier to install.For a large aquarium tank can be attributed to the volume of 200 liters or more.

2. If we talk about the shape of the aquarium, it is necessary to give preference to a rectangular tank.At fishbowl glass greatly distorts vision.If the aquarium is narrow and high, then you will be hard to establish it aerates the lower layers of water.Fish in these aquariums are suffering from lack of oxygen.

3. In addition to the aquarium and fish, you need a compressor, a thermometer, heater, filter, and extra lighting.

Design aquarium.

1. Travnik. The emphasis is on the beautiful aquatic plants.Fish usually inhabit the aquarium in a quite a bit.But do not forget that the power lamp in the lid of the aquarium regular stores is not enough for breeding the most beautiful aquatic plants.There are two e

xits.Can the pet store to buy an additional starter and install another fluorescent lamp.Or simply bred in aquariums undemanding plants to light.It can be Anubias and Cryptocoryne.For the new ground under the plant roots lay me balls of clay.For such a good herbalist settle Siamese algae eater, catfish-antsistry, girinoheylusa.They eat algae.So they do a good job, you can not overfeed them dry food.In the neighbors, you can identify them guppies platies, neons.This small and peaceful fish.Travnik is not necessary to settle large fish, otherwise they can damage your garden.If this little fish tank, you can even do without the compressor without filter.Plants do not need them, and fishes will be enough oxygen from the plants.

2. Tsihlidnik. This aquarium holding big fish - cichlids.They dug up the soil of the aquarium.For decoration it placed stones, artificial plants, driftwood.This tank is usually inhabit "smart" fish such as Astronotus.A pair of fish builds shelter cares for the fry takes the children for a walk.It is very interesting to observe them.For African Cichlids need hard water.The soil spiked marble chips, and as a good use of shelters limestone rubble.Usually one male females give birth to 2-3.They feed on small crustaceans.For tsihlidnika necessarily need a filter, but the additional light is not necessary.If you're going to breed American cichlid, it is necessary to know that they live in pairs.But during the spawning season are particularly aggressive neighbors.If the tank is designed to 200l, the more than two pairs of start is not necessary.Always Arrange the aquarium more than shelters.To do this, you can adjust the driftwood, coconut shells, flower pots.

3. Mixed aquarium. Mixed Aquarium is the most common.It houses and lots of plants and a lot of fish.It is very similar to the herbalist.But because of the large number of fish it is necessary to install a filter and a compressor.The plants will have to constantly monitor.If any fish or begin digging them or eat, you have to constantly dosazhivat.

most unpretentious fish for the home aquarium. To learn how to keep fish, start with caring for the most unpretentious fish.The most unpretentious include:

1. speckled catfish. special beauty of this type of fish is different.He has a distinct advantage: due to the nature of his breath, he is able to live even in very dirty water.These fish are very peaceful in the pack.They are easy to get along with other fish species.They prefer to dwell at the bottom of the tank in search of food.They love to dig in the ground.But to keep them in an aquarium need to buy special food for demersal species.

2. Danio. This fish of small and medium sizes.They are gregarious.They certainly have a lot of free space.To keep them in the aquarium must not forget to substitute some of the water on a weekly basis.It is peaceful and moving fish.

3. Barbs. These fish also live in flocks.Usually they have a striped paint.But be aware that they can pluck the fins of other fish species, which differ not so mobile character.This applies to fish with fins veiltail.Tankmates barbs are best suited speckled catfish.

4. swordsmen. Swordtails - is the next of kin of guppies.This fish, which are distinguished by their omnivorous.They are representatives of the live-bearing fish.Lead platypus gregarious active lifestyle.Males, unlike females, have on the caudal fin long "sword".From this their name.Swordtails get along well in an aquarium with other fish, but sin that love to pluck fins sluggish species.

5. Guppy. Male guppies have a variety of colors, and in females, on the contrary, dull greenish-gray coloring.By the size of his, they are larger than males.Guppy most unpretentious fish.Once you have multiple pairs of such fish in the aquarium, as very soon they will be several times more.Guppies are live-bearing fish.Unfortunately, they eat their children.When breeding guppies need to have time to time to transplant kids.

6. Gourami. Gurami, unlike most aquarium fish, can absorb oxygen from the air.In this regard, they are very tenacious.Relatively peacefully coexist in an aquarium with other types themselves are very curious and mobile.

Remember that the size of the fish depends not only on the species.If the aquarium is small, and home to many fish, the fish shallow.To avoid this, it is necessary as often as possible to change the water and set the compressor.We believe that our advice will help the novice.

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