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The most popular types of hobbies

Types hobby.


begin with crochet.Once upon a time, a variety of crochet knitting napkins and blouses.At the same time, present with a hook, people create a beautiful vase, beautiful dolls, soft toys, and so on. D. To crochet vase holding form, just soak it in a solution of sugar, and then pat dry.A stuffed toy or a need to fill a synthetic padding fleece.


most popular kind of hobbies that occupy even our grandmothers in their spare time is knitting.How nice to be able to knit!Only you yourself can dress their domodchadtsev like no other.Knitwear - is EXCLUSIVE.You can show your imagination and ingenuity.It is a hobby and you will become a modern home fashion.And no one but you can not with such care and love to dress my family like you.Knitting - a remedy for nervous stress.When you are in the hands of spokes or the hook, then everything else goes by the wayside.Knitting calms the nervous system and develops coordination.However, this activity should be accompanied by active

exercise, exercise at least 1 hour per day.Knit, enjoy your hobby and raduyte others.

Create postcards.

Next gaining popularity hobby to create postcards with your hands.This is not only a fascinating hobby, but also a good way to permanently save your unforgettable surprise for close friends, because they - a fantasy, personal relationships, care and love.For the manufacture of cards you need a lot of auxiliary material: Tighting paper, colored cardboard, various ribbons and crystals, as well as tools such as scissors curly, several kinds of adhesive tapes, punchers curly reflux. D. The most exciting - tinkering with his own hands, not only postcardsbut also for their paper.You simply soak ordinary table napkins, add to the solution glue and compressed to wait a bit when all the water evaporate.To expedite the process, it is possible to dry the hair dryer.The result is a unique material necessary for you color.


Recently, the West becomes a hobby to us on registration of photo albums (scrapbooking) - is the art of needlework by making a collage of photo cards.At the same time it is a good occasion to analyze the forgotten archives of photos, and to issue new experience of your wedding or trip.This hobby will fit all different decorating materials.Making your wedding album can be made of beige or pink flowers, adding a white satin ribbon, cut from various magazines and newspapers wedding accessories, beautiful frames, and so on. D. To arrange a family album, you can focus on the style of "retro".Photographs of your young grandparents will look beautiful if side by side on the page to add items cut of their time.

Cross stitch.

followed by well-known cross-stitch.Today, it's not just crafts, and an art.If you are patient and you liking labor-intensive operation, it is a hobby for you.Decorate your home, create a unique style of interior, but also fill your life with bright colors can be paintings, embroidered cross.To do this, you need nothing at all - patience and a variety of threads, hoop and outline the scheme for embroidery cross.For the effect of the paintings, the most suitable silk floss.Good luck!


most popular hobbies in the present time - is beading.Today is very popular portraits of beads.Beading engage young and old alike.

Glass painting.

Another trendy look a hobby - a painting on glass or stained glass creation.A wide range of goods in the shops, provided the girls to try their hand in this hobby.Acquired paint on glass and a variety of circuits, you can create a mural on your mirror, on the glass doors on glasses or just bottles.To do this you must first make a sketch, and then get to work.


Man has always needed a hobby.And at the present time hobby can turn into a real job that you love.Yet another modern hobby is belly dancing.Dancing helps girls and women from the East, and not only to preserve femininity figure flexibility and the ability to bear children to, inter alia, old age.Oriental dance movements improve circulation throughout the body, including the brain, even, and do not allow the emergence of salt deposits, which often suffer as women and men age 20-25, if carried out in a largely sedentary lifestyle.Also dancing east help to solve many of the problems with the female reproductive system, the spine and the time to stop the destructive aging processes in the body.

Moreover, this dance is very beautiful and sexy, why not dance to the beautiful oriental music together with friends or in front of the mirror every day?So why not devote your free time to this fascinating hobby like belly dancing.

work with clay.

There is also another kind of hobby to work with clay.Hobbies, of course, for an amateur, but very interesting to do.Working with clay - requires a lot of effort and costs.And if your holiday - a change of activity, pottery hobby for a man whose professional activity is associated with nervous tension, very fit.And it may happen that it will be the second interesting hobby, and eventually main profession.It's so fine if the work you are passionate about revenue.

Now that you know all about the popular hobby, it's up to you, what would you like to do in your spare time.