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Painting as a hobby: where to start

hobby - it's not just a way to do something in your spare time, but also a way to relax, escape from everyday problems and sometimes earn!Everyone chooses for himself a kind of hobby.Someone writes poems, short stories, who is engaged in dancing, someone plays in a band, someone travels or collects stamps, someone worships himself in books, and someone in the movies, and there are people whopaint.That's about the last will be discussed further.
What is the pattern?
figure - is an expression of emotions, thoughts, feelings and desires.Not for nothing in recent years psychologists and psychotherapists are increasingly using art therapy to rid the person from stress and various psychological disorders, as well as the method by which you can identify the problems that lurk in the subconscious of the person, its complexes and injury.
So if you are interesting poetry, astronomy is too complicated or confusing, tedious and stamp collecting, try yourself in the visual arts - this is your chance!
positive mood
Even if you are not able to create a copy of the "Sistine Madonna", in any case, you get a lot of positive emotions and enormous pleasure from the process of drawing alone.Paints, always bright, merging, creating a special scheme, fascinating combinations.Depicting a piece of paper something, you get rid of stress, relax, start to think in a new direction, to look for other options for getting out of difficult situations.Even if you remember the experience, how many people began to draw, came out of hard drinking, depression, recovered from drug addiction or mental illness complex, and just kept myself in these difficult times of life, when it seemed that life had lost all meaning and itsbright colors.Such people - a huge number!So let us use their experience.
How to start drawing?
How to start a hobby?After all, for a beginner is sometimes so difficult to choose the necessary things, which is why many and cast not only paint, but also in dance, music, and so on. D.
If you are not a professional, but just a beginner, but still an amateur, you do notYou need to buy expensive brushes fur rare animals.You just started drawing and hobby should not be burdensome for your purse.First you fit the most common - rabbit.Brushes with synthetic bristles better not to take, because they are too strokes stiff and awkward, that spoils the general appearance of the picture.Also, do not take the expensive first paper suit and the usual children's sketchbooks, of which a myriad of shops.
Now let's talk about colors.This is a rather complex issue, because you can draw with pencils, ink, gel pens, watercolor, gouache, acrylic, chalk and many others.For a beginner it is best to choose a watercolor or gouache.And, of course, pencils.The first allows you to create light and bright still lifes, landscapes, portraits.Second best for compositions in which to play fantasy, and still others can be used for any designs.
Once the materials are bought, begins the second phase, which can be designated the following question - "what to paint?".For many it causes difficulties.If you are not sure you can draw what you have in your head, draw the world: bowls, glasses, trees, fruits, people, animals, houses, alleys.It is quite simple, since the main thing here - to feel the color, light and space.While referring to the development of art and posmodernistskogo it was not necessary.
Do not be afraid!
If you know exactly what you want to draw - a draw!Do not fear that you have something not work!Your goal - it does not win the prize for the best picture of the year, and just relax, escape from the gray and uploaded weekdays.Rejoice that you get and do not worry if the picture on the paper does not meet your expectations.
to gain some energy and attitude, sometimes through the works of famous artists from different centuries, choose the drawing style that you prefer - it will save from the agonizing choice of how you draw.
Select object drawing
Over time you will realize that you most like to draw, in what area of ​​the world the figure you can express yourself best.When this happens - do not stop looking in the area for something new.And suddenly, after a while it will hang your pictures at an exhibition in Paris?But even if this does not happen - just rejoice!From each new stroke from each failed line from each krapli spilled paint in the wrong place where you have to ... Rejoice, because art should bring it fun and not be your tormentor.Therefore, if you do not like painting, do not push yourself - set aside the paints and paint until the desire.This is where the charm of a hobby - you can always stop them from engaging.
Drawing, remember as a child we were all artists!And his paintings have been the best for us!So proud that you drew!
develops and improves
If over time you want to improve your skills in our time features a dime a dozen.This and a variety of master classes and tutoring, and online video, books, and magazines, and a lot of other information from which a novice can learn a lot of interesting and new for yourself, and subsequently - to improve their style of drawing, create yourstyle.So draw!
Now that you know all about the painting as a hobby, to begin to develop in the right direction.Do not be afraid to express yourself and your mood!Be creative!

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