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How to tie spokes socks

To link socks need a set of hosiery yarn and needles (included 5 pieces).Before you start working, you should calculate the density of knitting, the size of the product.In order to calculate the density, it is necessary to link the spokes control sample, about ten by ten centimeters.After that you need to count how many rows and loops fit in one centimeter.Then measure the volume of the ankles and multiply by the number of loops included in the centimeter.That is the number needed to get started.

Getting knit socks knitting: Knit the upper part of the product.

on four spokes (fifth remains working) equally recruit the required number of loops and start vyvyazyvayut gum (cuff).Cuff elastic knitted sock (one to one or two by two) in a circle.After the first row is knit, the loops should be closed into a ring.To do this, first spoke to push the fourth (last) and start binding the second row from the first edge of the loop.Once the upper part of the sock is connected, the process vyvyazyvaniya heel.

Knit heel sock.

for knitting heel we will not need the loop on the second and third spoke.We work only on the first and fourth spokes.The heel of the sock includes two parts - the sole and heel.The back heel should be easy to knit fabric with loops with edge - purl rows facial ranks.Then you must create the heel, making the transition to vyvyazyvaniyu soles.

For this loop should be distributed in equal amounts on three spokes.Then stocking knit loops need viscous middle part and a number on one of the outer spokes.Last loop provyazyvaem middle part together with the first loop at the next spokes (two to one).Then turn knitting as an edge remove the first loop, and again - the first loop at the spoke together with the average near.In this way, the whole middle part provyazyvaetsya, capturing in turn hinges extreme spokes, knitting is all part of moves to a spoke.

As a result, we need to get a rounded heel, which will consist of the sole and the backdrop.Next you need to dial the air loop of wales backdrop.Their number is calculated as follows: for every four loops backdrop recruit three loops.Hinges center of the heel loop and scored distributed to two spokes, and then continue to knit on four spokes in a circle.

Knit wedges insteps.

After all loops will be collected on four spokes, their number will more than it was at the beginning of knitting.When knitting in a circle in the next phase should gradually diminish the loop.First, all the spokes provyazyvaem number two.In the next row provyazyvaem with front second and third loop in the first borehole, with a slope to the right, the last loop provyazyvaem just the front.The first loop on the fourth spoke provyazyvaem face, and the next two - along with front tilt to the left.So we gradually reduce the loop in every third row, while the number of loops on all the spokes will not reach the original amount (as before knitting the heel).

Knitting socks from the toe to rise.

Then knit a sock around the front embroidery on the desired length of the foot.Toe should knit circular and, depending on the finger length and shape of the foot, an elongated or short.

to form the toe and finish knitting, you need to start at the end of the sock to diminish the loop.Relief decrease loops to be done symmetrically on the sides of the feet.For this purpose, you need to knit together the two loops, then the two front and two loops together stretch.Through a series of implementing two such subtraction, and then in each row.The last six loops need to close one row.

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