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How to make soap with their hands

Try to cook soap.The availability of ingredients and simplicity in manufacturing will help us in this.In the manufacture of soap with your hands, you can make soap every color and shape, as well as choose a scent that you like.And most importantly, you will know what it consists of.You are sure to experience great pleasure from working, besides poberezhet their wallets.Soap, made with their own hands, can be wrapped in a nice package and give as a gift.In a small wicker basket decorated with, for example, strips can put various small pieces of soap, and your gift will be original.

To make soap, we need:

- soap base, which is suitable for children's soap;

- Glycerin and Vitamin E oil solution (optional), which are sold in pharmacies;

- oil base, e.g., coconut, olive, almond or other.The main thing is that the oil did not have a smell.

to cook the soap with your hands, we still need fillers.The choice of filler depends on what features you want to get from it.Well as a filler to use saffron.Saffro

n should be red and yellow, not yellow, which is sold in the markets.From saffron soap skin becomes fresh, radiant and very gentle.Use can also be a series, chamomile, calendula.If you want to get anti-cellulite soap, add chopped zest of orange, lemon or grapefruit.To cleanse combination and oily skin well add oatmeal milled into flour.If you want to possess the properties of soap scrub, then add cocoa powder and finely ground coffee.Still, we need water or herbal decoction, to dilute soap mass.

soap using natural dyes can be painted in different colors.To get the green, you can add cucumber (bright green), spinach, parsley or dill (light green).If you add the henna, you can get the color from olive to deep blue-green.By adding essential oil of chamomile, it turns the color from blue to blue.Marigold petals, saffron and chamomile flowers give our soap various shades of yellow.To get the red color can add beet (pink to red), hibiscus (violet, lilac), pink clay (red-brown).Brown out, if a solution to add cocoa powder, cinnamon, ground coffee beans, coffee grounds, rose.Add carrots, sea buckthorn oil or pumpkin, get orange.

We need utensils, soap to melt in a water bath.Also needed molds for subsequent casting.It could be molds of baby kit, any plastic molds, ice cream containers and so on. D.


First you need to chop the soap his hands on a grater or a knife sostrugat.To do this, we use two pieces of children's soap.Then you need to brew the selected herbs cup of boiling water.Our material should be finely divided.Pour into a bowl separately, which can be put on kostryulku boiling water (make a water bath), glycerin and oil base - approximately teaspoonful.Then add a few drops of vitamin E oil is followed to put in a water bath and heat.Add to slightly herbal decoction, with grass and rubbed soap.Heated, stirring carefully, until, until the mixture becomes like a batter.At the same time, if necessary, add a little broth.When the mass is smooth, you can add one, two drops of essential oil.

When the soap mass is completely ready, pour it into the prepared molds.After the soap hardens, it must be removed from the molds.Soap will be easy to get, if the pre-mold food wrap film.Also, it will be easier to reach, dropping mold in hot water.If you used a plastic bottle from the shampoo, it must be cut, and to get the soap - it turns out very beautiful.If you have used a large mold, the soap should be cut into pieces, while there is a possibility to cut it as you like (square, rhombus, rectangle).Just use our soap should not be, it should be dry in air, avoiding direct sunlight.Soap interspersed with grass looks especially beautiful.Prepare the soap with your hands, depending on your imagination.You should have original, natural soap, with different flavors!

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