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How to make an origami crane

Making procurement of plain paper

Before you make an origami crane, you must purchase a special origami paper (it should be fine).This paper may be both monochrome and decorative (patterns have different kinds).If you can not buy the paper - use ordinary sheet of office paper to print on A4 printer.This paper has the form of a rectangular shape, but in order to make the desired figure, we need a square.To take the form of a square and diagonal slazhivaem sheet so that two of its sides (top and bottom) is identical.Extra strip of paper cut and get an equilateral triangle.Unfolding it, we get a perfect square shape.After that you should choose from the book of origami (or using the Internet) scheme in which can be folded crane.There are various options of how to make a bird figure, but we for our first time fit the classical scheme.Do not forget to initially work out after a few trial runs.

principle origami crane manufacturing

To make the classic crane is necessary to pass 18 stages.Generally, i

n the art there origami 11 basic shapes, on which to make complex shapes.As we already know, the crane used for the manufacture of basic shape "square" and "bird".Thus, we begin our assembly crane, founding figure in the basic form of origami "square".Slazhivaem paper diagonally (special origami paper) are bent right corner of our resulting triangle on the left.Then straighten upper triangle into a square.On the reverse side turn over the item and straighten the angle of the square.We get out of our paper our basis on which it is necessary a little more work to get the origami crane.

Now we have to push the paper layers on the sides and make subsequent folding: Bends and straighten the right and left edges, and then bend and straighten the tip of our figures.Now the same actions we need to do with our other side of the figure.

In the next step we need to carefully remove the top layer of the rhombus and bend it so that it was towards the top.To achieve this, click on the sides of our figure.We perform the same actions with the workpiece, turning it to the other side.

The resulting paper layers begin to straighten, that are on the sides, and fold the sides of the future crane towards the center.Overturn the resulting figure by us to the other side and repeat the same steps.

And now we need to push the paper layers on the sides already half finished crane and then bend the sharp edges of the figures upwards.To figure leveled off and has got the right shape, it is recommended to press on the sides.Go to detail and design.Take a turn down and the tail and beak paper crane in different directions.Fold the nose to one side and gently spreads its wings paper birds.You want to get a more natural look to your crafts - slightly inflate it with air.So we got an origami crane, which is sure to bring good luck.It remains to make another 999 of these birds, and your heart's desire is to have a full right to their immediate implementation!