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How to sew a bag with zero clutch

What you need to sew from scratch fashionable handbag clutch?

sewing machine, think you have.If not, it does not matter, because it can have your friends or relatives.

Decide first with the style, shape and size of clutch.For example, for the purse 15 to 20 cm is necessary to buy the material, somewhere half a meter.The same is necessary backing material, do not forget about the clasp: this may be a button or a button fastener.To carve out a clutch bag, you'll need cardboard (for patterns) and a piece of dry soap (you can chalk).

How to sew a bag: pattern, machinery manufacturing

Now that you have everything ready and at hand, you can proceed to the process of manufacture.

First of all, it is necessary to cut out a cardboard box, the dimensions of which must be within 17 to 22 cm (the size and includes allowances for joints).To cut it is necessary to expand the fabric wrong side up, put her on a cardboard pattern and cut around it with soap.Next, it is necessary to shift the pattern down to th

e defined line and circle again with soap, and once again the same way.As a result, you get drawn on the fabric rectangle measuring 22 by 51 cm, consisting of three, 17 to 22 cm rectangles, corresponding to the pattern of cardboard, each of which will correspond to the forehand, back and flap fasteners.Top box need to give the desired shape (how you want valve pocket).Lining need to do exactly the same pattern for the future articles.In the end, it came two patterns in appearance resembling an envelope on a gross basis.

Now fold the pattern of the fabric facing inward (on the first line features two rectangles), and the next valve will remain outside the pocket and sew the two side seams, stepping back from the edge of one centimeter.Do the same with the pattern of the lining fabric.After treat the side seams and turn the resulting pockets.

Next you need to lay down facial tissue from the inside faces of the face-to-face and put them on the machine stitch along the contour of the valve.After prostrochite through the holes of the future product.Now fold the connected parts as follows: half lining inside the person with the basic fabric do the same.Align the joints connecting the pad with a bag.Sew on both sides of the slice (opening for eversion should remain).Removing the clutch, sew the hole.

now begin to buckle.Sew a button (or the button Velcro) to the clutch and make a loop on the valve, the appropriate button.Clutch is ready.


Once you sewed his hands clutch, proceed to his decoration.What is your bag, depends on factors such as your age, style, and why is he an accessory.Use decorative braid, ribbons of satin or silk, sequins and lace, beads, sequins, crystals, fringe and lace appliques ready and more.All according to your taste and imagination.And you can do without decorations (whichever you prefer).

The most important thing to sew their own hands handbag was you like to Do you like to meet your demand for its intended purpose and as an accessory, and in addition, contributed to the aesthetic pleasure.To complement your beauty clutch in combination with other accessories make you a true lady!

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