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Children's decorative pillows with their hands

Sew the simplest booster cushion

  1. Take two favorite piece of cloth 40x40 cm on the outer part of the cushion and a simple cloth (such as calico) 2 of 40x40 cm on the lining.
  2. to the wrong side of the fabric putting a backing fabric and process edge stitching or overlock.
  3. On the outside of the fabric fix an interesting decorative items, you can use the textile adhesive.
  4. gets zigzag process the edge of decorative elements.
  5. Finished pieces of fabric add up facing each other and sew, leaving no hard-wired portion of about 15 cm for packing filler.
  6. pillow turned inside out through the left hole, straighten the corners and fills to the desired density.Material for the children's pillows can be both modern materials (Styrofoam balls, foam rubber crumb sintepuh, holofayber) and eco-friendly natural fillers (cotton cloth, straw, barley, etc.).
  7. Pillows filled with polystyrene shrink with time and rustle.If you choose to fill the baby pillow decorative foamed polystyrene balls, be sure to Sew castle.In th
    is case, when shrinkage of the filler it can be easily replaced, or add a new.
  8. Finally, sew the rest of the hole a hidden seam.Children cushion is ready!

Children decorative pillows embroidered

  1. For example, we want to sew a pillow size 40x40 cm. Naturally, the dimensions are selected individually, but observe The given proportions.Fabrics for cushions with embroidery is best to choose dense enough.
  2. Better cut pieces with a stock - 43h43 cm. Cut out them and do embroidery.Embroidery Equipment own hands the most diverse: decorative seams, embroidery, cross-stitch, etc.Fortunately fit into the children's room with the same set of pillows geometric patterns, but with different color combinations.Look beautiful sew applique, typically drawings on the pillow stitched decorative seams.Very original embroidery, made of yarn for knitting.
  3. coped with embroidery, put a mark in the middle of each side.Adds two cut right side facing, with combining marks.You then need to Sew a seam width of 15 mm and neaten sections.
  4. Leave on either side of 15 centimeters nezastrochennogo site.Be sure to carve corners allowances seams.
  5. preform pillows turn out there and fill it up to the desired volume and density (silicone and hollofayber perfectly keep their shape).At the end of the hole to sew up a hidden seam or sew a hidden zipper.

Original ideas

very interesting children's pillow in the form of books to turn the pages.Each page is a wheel with a cloth sheet sintepon.The cover can be used for the density of the canvas.All pages are stitched like binding.This pad can be sewn together with the children - the technology is very simple.

kids really like fluffy decorative pillows with fringe yarn.They are made in the same way as the famous grandmother shaggy rugs.The technology itself is not complicated, but it requires special equipment.You can do with needles, using technology imitation fur.In this case, instead of a pillow trimmed ends are elongated loop.

not difficult to make your own hands decorative pillows with voluminous flowers.For their manufacturing base will need a pillowcase, sheet and dense felt.If you felt at hand was not, use any thick cloth or other natural materials.

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