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What hendmeyd?

How to create these decorations?
Consider the proposed options to transform your interior.
you have to do: fantasy, desire and soul.

If you are annoyed by the old, discolored flower pots, do not worry, they can always revive: painted in any color with spray paint.

can wrap around the thick jute rope.
today at any store selling all kinds of stones and beads, glue them using super glue is not so difficult.

If you do not want to spend money, there is an option to paste over pots of various cereals, apply a stencil and grease the right place with glue.Believe me, the more of this masterpiece you will not find anywhere else!

to your creation longer pleasing others, cover the top with clear varnish composition.

I think you will have plenty of new ideas!

Beautiful decorative pillow on the couch - part of your interior.

In any department fabrics sold applications for the most demanding customers, which only the textures and you will not find!

usually on the couch, you can see th
e 4 pillows so that they harmonize with the environment, make them different colors.

And if you have the time and perseverance, remember his grandmother's embroidery, are also possible to create a beautiful composition.

decorate the doorway.
You can buy large beads in the department of tissues, and the line at any hardware store or fishing.Put them on the line - is not a decoration of your home?Above the doorway
nail bar and hammer in her small cloves, which secure the thread with beads.
If you do not want to spoil the door jamb, take a thick line, fix on it your creation, in which case you will need only two studs on the edges of the door.This original decoration will cause only positive emotions in the household, especially it will be happy to your children, and visitors.

Pets shelves.
Stylish shelves should not be much.You can make it out of the trunk of the tree, but you can stand under a shelf made of thick knots.On the tree, attach any bird.Original lights will give your space of mystery and charm.
Do not overload the room with paintings and pictures, shelves with dishes and souvenirs.
Adhere to the principle - better fewer, but with style!

Balcony decoration.
Balcony - a place to rest.Use it to be able to stay in the open air.His best decoration - pots, crates and curly basket plant.

Make a bowl with his hands very simple.Today, trade pleases us all sorts of different shapes of bottles.
Choose your favorite, and remove any adhesive label, put a bunch of immortelle and this whole song cover spray paint.
After drying in the middle of a flower bead of glue or tie.
If there is desire to have a textured bowl, cover it with glue, take a ride on the rump or coarse sand, and then the color of the ink cartridge.

style decoupage.
decoupage technique is suitable for refurbishment of the coffee table, flower pots, furniture and other items.

most simple: take double napkin benefit are they now look like works of art, cut along the contour and is positioned in the right place.

before gluing all the necessary prime the surface with acrylic paint.
Handmaiden What is it - is one of the trends in contemporary art home.Products are made yourself, thereby creating comfort in the apartment or house.
It can be all kinds of crafts, original trinkets, antiques, reworked with a modern twist.