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How to decorate flower pots

How to decorate flower pots

Fans of dry winter flowers to face the fact that they still have a lot of branches from shrubs and trees.Such Dried stems and branches serve as decor for this pot.They need to cut the height of the vessel and using glue and twine fasten around the flowerpot.

With hook and thread to make clothes for a pot

Those who own crochet hook can be done in one evening clothes, which will put on unattractive flower pots, and if desired, the author can decorate it with different elements: beads, applique, artificialor dried flowers.These clothes should be knit as a hat - a circle, from the bottom of the pot and gradually widening and narrowing where it should be in the form of the pot.You can link the size of the pot tube-shaped sheet, from the bottom of a narrow, extending it approaches the top.Or begin to knit from the top of the neck of the flowerpot, columns and subtracting closer to the bottom of the pot.If you take a thick thread, this decor can be done in two hours.

Put in the remnants of ribbons, yarns, ropes

Those who enjoys knitting, macrame, after work are cutting ropes, threads, ribbons variety of textures and colors.Make of these residues a thing like the sound unreal, and throw a pity, and they are going in the house.Take a plastic pot and plot brush PVA glue Moment or the bottom of the flowerpot.Begin to wrap the pot bottom, pulls the chosen material - thick yarn, tape or rope tightly presses one row to another.Glue is applied to another part of the pot, and repeats the same process.Decorate the pot by combining different thickness tape cords and combining them by color.Thick thread and rope can be used as a basis, and ribbons or thick yarn can be put on top of the different patterns, pasting them to the very foundation.On the flowerpot are appropriate nutshells, bones of fruit plants, buttons.So you can decorate the pots.

Flower Pots in a marine style

The interior is very popular nautical theme, create it available means, especially on the shelves gathering dust in the room pebbles and shells brought from the sea.Pre-draw the picture that will be spread on the surface of the pot.Take a ceramic flower pot without glaze with glue Moment fixed thereto stones and shells.Remember the harmony of shapes and colors, picking up the pot for a variety of materials.Let alone the pot to the best parts were fixed on him.If you wish to paint the details.Then begin to fill the space between them.This is done in 2 ways.

  • Method 1. Thoroughly mix cement with PVA glue in a ratio of 3: 1, diluted with water to make a thick mass.Take the brush and this mixture fill the empty spaces between the parts.When the applied mixture dries, using a sponge or cloth to remove excess solution with decorative details.
  • Method 2: Apply a thin brush glue between parts.Keeping the pot pan and sprinkle on the areas with glue smeared river or sea sand.So you can fill in the empty space between parts pieces of shells, stones, tiles.
  • Then take a special spray paint or colorless nail polish and apply a thin layer on the surface of the flower pot.This will add luster to detail and durability paint.

Finally, add that you can decorate flower pots remnants of different things and familiar things, so planters will get a second life and well-serve the good of beauty.