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Beading: crafts with their hands

Today we decided to share with you beading and crafts with their hands, to talk about how you can easily and seamlessly to make for themselves the original decoration.

General requirements

Beading involves the use of a bead of any size and color.By the way, of the old, no longer fashionable beads you can easily do with his hands the new decorations.Beading is necessary to choose a thin needle having a long needle.You can do without a needle, thread the ends dipped in glue or nail polish.In the manufacture of items from the bead using conventional thin thread or fishing line, wire.If you want to make a thread elasticity, rub it with wax.

All designs for jewelry should be prepared in advance.Choosing drawing, make a working pattern, moving image on a sheet of paper.Then pick up the matching between a color beads and safely get to work.

Beaded Necklace with their hands

For making beaded necklaces, we need bugle beads, seed beads, rice, thread (nylon, nylon), cotton cloth, monofilament with a dia

meter of 0.15 mm, a special needle, scissors,pins with a round end, tweezers, wax, locks and shvenzy (shackle with a lock for earrings), wire wrapping.

First, beading needs your seat.The best choice - ordinary table.From left to set the lamp and make sure that the room was dim lighting.On cotton cloth pour beads.In the manufacture of complex products from beads, used fitted by a thick layer of soft tissue plaque.It is fixed by means of pins product.

thread wipe wax.To this end, thread a needle and do one end 20 cm longer than the other, then take the wax and a little squeezing of a needle, stretch the thread through the wax.Repeat this process several times.

strung on waxed thread and fix a bead, passing it twice through a thread.Recruit another six to eight beads, to get a loop or five or six for "cloves".Skip the needle and thread to the last bead of the main series.Repeat until the end of stringing beads weaving.At the time of increasing the number of beads we have a large loop.As a result, we have a simple necklace, which is made using a suspension of droplets.

In order to get the chain to one thread for cross recruited thread even number of beads.Skip the needle thread through the 4th bead from top to bottom, stretch and expand the thread chain so that our thread was again left to right.After recruit one bead and skip the needle through the 6th in a row bead.Again, we expand the chain strung a bead and continue to weave in a similar sequence to the end of the series.

Chain "boat" or "ring" are opposed to "cross" in connection with a large number of beads located between two adjacent cords.Use beads or two beads as a binder, that is to say, stretch the needle and thread through not one but two beads.Having mastered this technique of weaving, you can own hands to do it based on the fascinating decorations and products.

And finally a few useful tips.If your thread or fishing line passes with difficulty through the eye of a needle, it should be cut using sharp scissors obliquely.But the locks on your necklace, you can easily replace the hooks which are sewn pieces to tape.Just in time for this piece of tape on the other hand need to sew the ends of the bead weaving.This approach will certainly improve the look of your product.