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How to build Lego

start practicing

purchasing a set, unpack and get inside her mandatory instructions, which should be described in simple terms how the Lego is collected in several versions with incremental assembly described in detail.Based on these instructions, you must adhere strictly to the guidelines outlined in it.If the designer wants to collect your child, he will need your help, because there is quite complicated to assemble kits.Read the instructions aloud to the child.

use the internet, where there are lots of options for scanned or drawn assembly "Lego", choose your favorite.Remember that when you select this, you should be guided by the details that are at your disposal.Thus, for example, required for the helicopter rotor blades, and house - windows and doors.

in the process of connecting and your imagination, and your baby.By the way, you can always buy a box designer called "Freestyle", in which there is a huge amount of detail that complement any of the sets.

In case, if you buy the designer "Leg

o Technik", the child allowance is that he learned the basic functional parts, and only then, based on etiih knowledge, you can easily improvise.This type of a designer includes motors and other complex items, the principle of which directly depends entirely on how well you have it collected.In no case do not lose with this set of instructions.

Recover lost circuit

If you want to find the lost circuit to a particular designer, but can not find her.You should use a specialized site, the pages of which (on the forum) you can request a scheme, said the article number of your set.As a result, anyone can respond and the right to publish your drawing.Even as an option, you can use the search engine in a search engine seeing the phrase "detailed assembly instructions ..." where the dots, you must specify the correct name of the set that you want to collect.

tips assembly

Remember that all the details of the different lines of the designer may not fit together.Therefore, if you purchased Lego "Hollow", the next you purchased kit should certainly be of the same series as the cubes of the other series are completely different in size diameters.

During assembly, you need to plan what you want to attach parts of the first, and what - the second.Incidentally, some of the details can be replaced by other or even dispensed with entirely.

Putting the basis of our design, which can be the platform of the machine or the initial floor of the house, skeleton cars, a figure anything.Small parts are used as decor elements.In some cases the first to assemble and decorate the individual design elements, and only then to combine them together.

Finally, reviewing the collected Designer, all details are located in the respective cavities for subsequent assembly is not called when looking for work details.Do not forget to periodically update the designer, buying a variety of add-ons of the appropriate type, which ultimately will allow you to collect more complex designs.During that as going to "Lego" with your child, watch carefully that the baby did not take part in the mouth designer baby can breathe into them herself or swallow, which can lead to undesirable consequences.

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