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Growing mushrooms at home

Mushrooms at home

at home can easily grow and harvest not only champignons and oyster mushrooms, and wood shiitake mushrooms.Of course, it is necessary to take into account the fact that each variety of mushrooms require special rules of detention.For example, mushrooms suitable conditions of no more than 25 and not less than 28 degrees, oyster mushrooms - 15-20, and the tree fungus - 12 degrees, plus the entire special trimming tree trunks.

way, the total time of receipt of the crop of mushrooms also different: champignons and oyster mushrooms can be seen in about a month, but the wood mushrooms until next year.Therefore it is best to choose those mushrooms that do not require special conditions of growth and requirements.So grow mushrooms at home it should be based on the characteristics of each variety.

Training facilities for mushroom cultivation

for growing mushrooms at home is best to use any underground or overhead room (basement, garage, vegetable storage, barn).This space should all

ow you to create the appropriate conditions of temperature, ventilation, lighting and humidity.By the way, one of a square meter you can easily harvest up to thirty kilograms of mushrooms.Therefore, you should certainly take into account the total area of ​​the premises.The floor of the room has to be made of concrete or brick, and the walls otschekaturennye and whitewashed with lime.As soon as you bring the room in proper form, be sure to conduct a thorough disinfection.

Preparation main substrate

any mushroom cultivation begins with the selection and preparation of the culture medium (substrate).The soil can be used as straw cereals, sunflower seeds, sawdust.Any of these materials must first be crushed, and then soak in boiling water and boil.Then the resulting mass squeezed so that if you make a fist little water seeped.

seeding mushrooms

Now ostuzhennoy to 30 degrees substrate have to make mycelium evenly, hoping to 300-500 grams per 10 kilogram medium.The wet cutting should be folded into bags and tie.After the formation of mushroom blocks can be prepared safely carry in a dark room, where there is an appropriate level of moisture.To place the bags on the shelves is so that they can be to have easy access.

Establishment of appropriate growth conditions

air temperature at the time of incubation should be leveled to 20-25 degrees, but the humidity - 90-95%.By the way, to fungi germinate quickly and obtain the necessary gas exchange, it is necessary in each of the mushroom blocks cut about 15 holes on two sides.

Care mushrooms

Once the bags will gain a whitish color need to lower the temperature to 20 degrees.Then it is necessary to include poor lighting.If mushroom blocks are in the basement, it will be sufficient for twenty square meters of a 100 watt light bulb.The lighting should continue for 9 hours a day.

mushroom cultivation also requires periodic ventilation of the room, this is due to the fact that the fungus is very active release carbon dioxide.In a small room suitable artificial ventilation by a fan or hood.

Proper harvesting

harvest mushrooms must also be able, in the worst case you damage the mushroom unit, and he will not be fit for the next harvest.Harvest, you need to seal the bags in the old slot and new do next.No need to give mushrooms to grow old, because they taste better on this will not, and the next harvest will be affected very negatively!

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