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Knitted dress for girls

  • circular needle number 2 and 2.5 for knitting double gum
  • set of five spokes for knitting sleeves
  • 300 g wool of medium thickness.

Deactivate standards.Measure the length of the sleeves, the length from the bottom of the product, from the neck to the waist, neck circumference.Make payment.The number of loops is divided into 6, if not divisible, it is rounded up.

dress knit top.Collar knit elastic band 1x1, 5 cm. Then go to the front surface of the loop and begin to add.This amount is divided into 6 loops and mark the places where we add loop to Raglan, threads of another color, after the end of the thread remove.Hinges distribute so - 1/6 of the sleeve, and is allocated on a half back, 2/6 - on a shelf, on the sixth - in the second half of the back and on the sleeve.

knit facial loops back up by ½ colored nodule.If there was one loop knit purl loop and it will do the reverse nakida.Then we move on to the sleeve, 2 associate facial loops, do the opposite nakida knit and purl one loop the loop.We c

ontinue to knit the front embroidery to the other line Raglan.If the color of the node to the remaining 3 loops bind 1 Wrong loop, reverse nakida and knit 2 facial loop.At the beginning of the return nakida associate shelves and 1 Wrong loop.Also, we add a loop in the place where he joined the other sleeve.We turn over work and purl knit loops of the series.All nakida provyazyvaem facial.We add the loop through a series of lines raglan.

Dovyazhem to armpits, will remove an additional loop on the thread that are designed for sleeves.Knit the front to the waist embroidery.For flared skirts, divide the number of loops to 4 loops are adding lines in the middle of the back, in the middle of the forehand on the sides.Note their bundles of different colors.Line connection wedges will also look like a raglan line.At the junction of the forehand and back add the loop.Before the node should remain 2 loops.Knit 1, purl loop the loop, reverse nakida one front loop.Other front loop is at the front portion of the article, then knit reverse loop nakida and underside.Knit the same line connection wedges.We add the odd rows in 8 rows.Knit until the end.Go to the spokes of a smaller size and finish a double hem band.What is the number of loops increased by 2 times and make feedback loops between the front nakida.Knit 6 rows of double rubber band and close the loop.

pass knit sleeve.The hinges, which have been an extra thread, translated into 4 spokes.Knitting circle embroidery to the front cuff.Samu sleeve knit elastic 2X2.Close the loop.Similarly associate second sleeve.Voshem lightning.Dress decorate the embroidery.

wear dress with a belt.Belt double-knit band.Dial the 16 loops, knit double gum - 1 front loop, remove the loop 1 is not knit, yarn reserve before the loop.Belt associate the desired length.