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How to tie booties children

How to tie booties?

We choose a small colorful remnants special thread designed for newborns or soft wool of medium thickness and set to work.Baby booties Unlike socks knit by the simplified scheme, given their small size.And here it is necessary to rely on frequent fitting rather than dimensional accuracy.

dial on the spokes of 33 loops, which should correspond to the amount measured at the ankle, which is about 16 cm and knit in garter pattern 3 cm (14 rows).Then move on to the hosiery knitting and connect another 6 rows.

further divide our knitting on 3 equal parts.If you get the remainder, add it to the middle.The number of personal knit the right side of the - 11 loops, then knit 11 loops of the middle.Rotate knitting purl side and knit the middle of the loop.To make it convenient to loop knit the left and right side portions of taking them to the pin.Work rotate the face.The next row in the loop will have the middle part.

length items will correspond to the distance from the base of the li

ttle finger to the ankle, it is about 5 cm. Vyvyazyvayut "tongue" and finish it next to the backing.In the direction from the center to the side of the scion of the loops of wales "tab on the front side, and shall find on each edge of the 1 st.We turn to the wrong side of knitting and knit loop right side of the pre-take off the loop in the needle with pins.

next front in a series of knit such a sequence:

  • knit loops of the right side;
  • loop, who scored from the edge, "tongue";
  • knit the middle of the loop;
  • further knit loops of the edge "tongue";
  • and complete series provyazyvaya hinge side of the left, which previously peresnimem spoke with them on the pins.In this paper we have all the loops.Go to the garter pattern and knit 8 rows.

in each of the next 4 rows facial loops diminish by 4 - 1 at the beginning of the loop, and a loop at the end of the series and diminish 2 loops on the "tongue".When the middle part to be an odd number of loops, the provyazyvaem along the central portion and its neighboring loop.If the number of loops is even, then the center half knit loops 2 together.Job ends the backing side, dovyazyvaem it to the middle.Then truncate thread.Then sew the open loop knit stitch, namely the "loop in the loop" moving in the direction of the center.Another part of the fabric sew a vertical seam.And also perform a second baby booties.

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