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How to sew a doll Tilda

Perhaps many fans are well aware of the flying craft seals carotid angels, birds in Panama, coffee bears, snails on wheels, the guardian angels of the hearth, Easter rabbits and others. At first glance it may seem that these toys are different, however,as they have in common: it is like a little black eyes and a distinctive color, and equipment manufacturing.These toys in our country is becoming increasingly popular, so many needlewoman want to know how to sew the doll Tilda.

For making body Tilda Russian masters are advised to use natural fabrics such as wool, cotton, linen or calico.Some recommend the use of toys for sewing spandex.Foreign same master used a special material, which we can only be ordered via the Internet shop.

to create clothes tilde toys suitable materials such as knitted fabric, calico, ogranza, cotton, denim, tulle, fleece, silk and others.It is believed that the fabric best suited to fine pattern.It does not really matter that it will be for the fabric: in a cage, striped, flowe

red, with a divorce or with an abstract pattern.Templates desired patterns can be found on the Internet.Wizards for the manufacture of toys used sewing machines or sew by hand.

often Tilda toy made with a seam in the middle, so be very careful to sew doll's face.Before you turn the fabric near the spout, it is necessary to make an incision to make up the seam was 1-2 mm.

Sometimes master cuts out the body of Tilda dolls together with details of the dress.To do so, the fabric that goes to the body and the fabric, designed for dress, crosslinked, and then otutyuzhivayut.

Next you need to find details (seam line have to be aligned with the line in the pattern).To dolls legs bent, they must flash at the knees.The legs are sewn, turned inside and packed, leaving little space near the label sewn and stuffed back almost to the very end.If

doll "should" sit, we should remember that the legs in the hips need to fill loose, hen, they will easily be able to bend.Once finished packing legs nezashitye parts can be sewn using blindhem (small stitches on the edge of making joints, as if inside)

Body dolls should not choose white cloth, because for Tilda characteristic is a nice tan.But even if you have plenty of white cloth only, do not worry!Just paint it in the desired color, and only then to sew a toy.

dyes usually serve instant coffee or tea leaves.To make a staining solution, you need to take 40-55 grams of soluble coffee (the cheapest possible), a tablespoon of salt per liter of water.The fabric should be placed in solution interfere with about 20 minutes, then rinse the fabric in cold water, gently squeeze and hang on one side is not bending, so it was dried.Color should turn gentle.

sometimes do the opposite: crosslinked toy, and only then paint.To do this, make a solution of five spoonfuls of tea on a glass of water with the addition of PVA glue to secure.

stuffed toys, usually hollofayber or synthetic padding.

to manufacture hair Tilda advised to use yarn like "Plush".With this yarn hair looks disheveled, which is characteristic of all these dolls.A wide variety of ways to create hairstyles for Tilda dolls can be found in books Tone Finanger.

Often these dolls flavored.The padding is added jasmine, lavender, basil (and other nice-smelling herbs), as well as vanilla or cinnamon.Sometimes lay ready sachet bags.It is also possible for flavor toy moisten and rub spices.

as eyes sewn beads or embroidery floss perform them.You can also paint the eyes with acrylic paints for fabric.Blush inherent Tilda created with loose blush or acrylic paints.You can also use the pencil pencil scratched with a razor blade and then shade with a cotton swab.