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Crochet Swimwear

Modern women do not want to hide the dignity of the figure and boldly wear spectacular and daring swimwear, crochet.A girl or woman in a knitted bathing suit on the beach will look fashionable and unique!

comfortable stay for the summer, take along on a trip to the sea knitted swimsuit.It will look quite romantic and attractive.Today knitted swimsuits gained tremendous popularity in modern fashionistas.

Model Selection

making your selection swimsuit model, which will be connected the hook, it is important to choose the yarn, so that he looked spectacularly successful with colors and unusual patterns.Best of all the finished product holds its shape associated cotton with elastane.It can be flirty swimsuits with flowers on the bodice, with elements of openwork plaiting, with mesh bodice or fringe;in addition to a bathing suit related openwork shawls will look quite original.

swimsuit Knitting begins with a bodice cups which is mainly knit as an isosceles triangle.To make the product more hygienic a

nd aesthetic, use cups lined in fine jersey.Lining is commonly used in tone bodice, but if you love bold alternatives - you can use bright linings.Bra knitted swimsuit will not stretch when used on the sides of a thin rubber band.An alternative is to harness parts bodice silicone thread.

For women with small breast size for mating lyamochek need to use thin laces, women with curvaceous recommended to use thin rubber bands, which should tie the thread to match the bra.

basis for knitted panties heats are suitable for you to size.Melting simple tally by bars in accordance with the pattern.Knitting starts at the top.

use of finishing material (beads, crystals) Knitted swimwear give more elegant look.

woman will look unique in a bathing suit, bound in blue and blue thread, successfully combined with gentle sea and the bright sun.Use of swimwear cotton yarn blue, light blue or bright blue.

For those who are just mastering the basics of crochet, a good assistant will guide to knitting, which can be found on the pages of websites.

Swimsuit associated with his own hands, bring every woman to do the job, satisfaction and joy.

spectacular bikini

Female bathing suit, connected from fine yarn consists of a bra and panties (their dimensions are governed by thin strings).

Modern Crochet - a bright and stylish type of knitting.

new ideas embodied in the model are characterized by their individuality and courage.Variety of fashionable knitted swimsuit boasts nowadays no one fashionista.It's open and closed swimsuits, featuring rich colors.The bright, stylish hair sets in the sun look particularly beautiful!

Craftswomen hand crochet in self-creation models swimsuits used samples of different patterns and combinations.

Individuality swimwear

attractive swimsuits that crochet, characterized by the fact that they are manufactured in a single item and are not repeated in its design and designs.

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