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How to weave Baubles with figure

How to weave Baubles with a pattern based on the "cross»

Usually weave bead bracelets - a very interesting exercise, which has its advantages.For example, using only two or three simple circuit, you can do Baubles completely different options.A smart combination of different colors of beads, in the following ways you will be able to weave netting dozens of bracelets with any drawings.So let's proceed directly to how to weave Baubles.

One of the simplest and most common ways of weaving baubles considered "cross".To get a bracelet, we begin to weave fishing line with threading four beads.Dampen the beads in the middle of the fishing line, and then right vdevaem its end below the first bead.Now we are at each end of the fishing line strung one bead and both ends of the fishing line is passed to the next towards each other.

For such Fenichka was patterned, you must use the technique of beading beads of two or more colors.Alternatively, you can, for example, two side and one central beads weave red, an

d the next time - black, then red again, and so on.alternating colors in such a way we get a pattern that will resemble arrows.And to make inclined "touches" colored, we alternate the colors, which are gaining the right, center and left beads.

How to weave a pattern wide bracelet

Wide Baubles with an unusual form can also weave easily.To create such a bracelet, we take our "working" line and threading it once in six beads.The first (which is also the lowest), we fix with the help of the node.Threaded the line through the fifth and bead stringing her three things, then threading the first bead.Retype three beads, re-organize the line through the second of them, and after the second from the previous three that recruited.As a result, the repetition of weaving scheme we get a pattern that resembles a diamond.This diamond, you first need to draw on a piece of paper properly distributed throughout the length of the future bracelet color.Under the scheme, we paint over each bead corresponding color.This will help to weave bracelets with zigzag patterns.

Well, in order to "sew" a complex pattern on the bracelet, we apply mosaic technique of weaving.Bead strung on the line number that corresponds to the length of our future Baubles.We fix at the end of the first bead.The third bead on the right we threaded end of line.Strung on the thread of a new bead, then threaded the line through the second in a row already, "stitched" beads in the front row.As a result, when one bead stringing while threading the fishing line in every second bead preceding row, we get "web" that has a fairly detailed pattern.For added convenience, this pattern is to draw a circuit on paper in a cage, circling staggered cells and paint them the necessary shade.

Another way of weaving a continuous broad band - the location of the beads parallel to each other in a staggered manner.The first row should correspond to the width of the baubles.At the time of transition to the second row, the end of the fishing line need to re-thread the bead in that penultimate typed, and then thread the thread to the last link.Now we have a new one strung bead and bead threading the line in the first row, which is located above it, and then again in the newly strung.For an ideal location planning beads of different colors in the Baubles again we draw the same diagram on paper in a cell where each cell - beads.

Already finished Baubles we fix the end of the line, passing it through a series of opposite edges and make a knot.Secure the unit using the cigarette lighter can be neatly pripaliv it.

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