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Kids crafts from plastic bottles

to manufacture the dolls, you will need:

  • two plastic bottles are needed for the body and head;
  • pieces of cloth for doll clothes;
  • glue "Moment";
  • pieces of colored leather and plastic for the mouth and eyes, as you can take plastic bottles of shampoo;
  • for making handprints dolls need synthetic leather;
  • to connect the body with the head will need a piece of linoleum 10x10 cm;
  • stockings flesh-colored elastic.

To produce turtle:

  • the bottom of a plastic bottle;
  • 2 buttons and 2 beads (for pupils turtles);
  • stapler;
  • scissors;
  • colored cardboard.

to manufacture aircraft:

  • clean plastic bottle;
  • knife;
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • cardboard.

to manufacture dolls cut off from the bottom of plastic bottles in the correct proportions.Roll up into a tube piece of linoleum, then prosunem it into the necks of bottles and connect the head to the body.Head for future dolls obtyanem two layers stocking, doll roll up the nose of cotton and put it under the stocking "wrapper".For the strength of will fix

the nose drop of glue.

Then drag the thread on top of a stocking, as well as on the top of the doll's head, the neck, below.From yarn or other material will do the hair and attach them to the head.Cut out the face of the selected materials and attach details of the person's head.

cut out of the bottle strip width of about 1.5 cm, it will be the framework for the dolls arms.The strip insert into the slots in the trunk on the bottle.Leather cut out details that will depict the doll hands.Sew for her clothes that will fit the image of what was intended.

for the boy to make a plane.On a sheet of cardboard draw wings and propeller.Circle pencil neck of the bottle to the propeller, it will be an internal diameter draw a circle around it a little more.

to the propeller is not broke, plastered it with tape.We calculate the approximate width of the wings.The attachment point of the wings make incisions with a knife on the left and the right, and insert them in the wings, carefully put on the neck of the propeller, gently push the thread for it to twist and tighten the lid.Do not forget in the middle of the wings and cut the cabin for the pilot.

For boys and girls make their own hands turtle from the bottom of a plastic bottle.Cutting off the bottom of the plastic bottle, cut out several "legs".We turn over the bottom, put on the table and bend to the side legs.

of colored cardboard cut out the belly turtle with legs, then I fasten the legs from a plastic bottle and cardboard using staples.For the basics of using the eye piece, which cut out of the blister pack from the tablet.For rolling pupil fit bead or a small button, which is nested within the transparent parts.

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