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How to link bedplate Caps

preparatory stage

Before you tie the bottom of a caps of any model, it is necessary to consider all the details.For example, choose a color headgear (usually a cap must be combined with some element of clothing or accessory), the model and eventually make preliminary calculations knitting process, and only then move on to the yarn.

way, it is appropriate to say a few words about yarn: yarn must necessarily conform to mating and styles.Remember that the pattern will look spectacular, if you select a volume and a thick yarn.Under this yarn is to pick up a hook or knitting needles.

Then, before tie headdress, and make clear the size of the pattern.You need to certainly know the volume of the head and how many centimeters from crown to crown caps.

To cap does not fit tightly to the head, you need to add a small space.Particular attention should be paid to its top.After the required payments to the pattern, you can safely move on to the knitting, in which, first of all, we vyvyazyvayut bedplate.

Getting knit cap with the help of a hook

We all know that the knitted hats crochet look very gentle and original.So let's try to link bottom of a headdress with the help of the hook.

For this purpose, we need pattern, sartorial meter hook and wool or cotton thread (depending on season).

If you are far from self-creation patterns, you can find a ready-made scheme of knitting headgear crochet and just make a clarification size.To begin the process of knitting is with three air loops, which must be closed in a circle with the help of the connecting column.Then you need to perform in a circle of six columns that are not nakida.As a result, our associated fabric becomes very dense form.

But the beginning of the track and hats for summer, which should have a mesh surface must be not three, but five tabs.In this case, we do Lifting three loops to the next row and execute a circle with nakida twelve columns.

bedplate continue to knit hats, each circular row adding six (of course, if the technique of knitting includes a column without nakida) or twelve (if we do nakida) columns.By the way, it is very important at the moment of transition for the next series to put into reality the lifting loops.

To associate cap bottom in a flat form, as required, for example, takes the loop gain we make as follows.Initially, we divide the bottom of a future product for six (twelve) equal wedges (depending on the number of columns of the original), and then added to the end of each row of column.To this end, the bow of the downstream column vyvyazyvayut while two new ones.So we get our top headgear required value.

You can try to start a knit hat that has a circular shape.Here, we will need with the help of circumferential rows make a circle whose diameter is equal to approximately eight to ten centimeters.

Then go gradual and uniform subtraction columns - our product begins to acquire a rounded shape.But in the beginning or middle of each circle, the second series we provyazyvaem six or seven columns.

When our early next headdress, or rather its bedplate, is ready, we can safely proceed to the subsequent operation, according to the pattern of the chosen model.

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