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How to sew a blanket on the bed

What fabric covers to choose?

for covering we recommend to choose a fabric that has a dense weave, for the simple reason that they all work easier, plus they are well and should be able to hide the whole bed.In order to properly sew the blanket, it should be remembered several sartorial tricks:

  • If the bed has a headboard and footboard back, the veil need continuous frill or more sections of the frills that will hide the foot of the bed;
  • During cutting should take into account the direction of the tide of fabric and pattern;
  • veil can be made in various lengths - you can make it longer so that it is completely tucked in bed, "the floor", or else leave it so that the foot of the bed was still visible.

Before start sewing blankets, should be properly and carefully calculate and cut out the material.

Cutting fabric

main part of the fabric is cut.To measure the width and length of the mattress, add 3-4 centimeters for seam allowances.

cut out the frills.To illustrate, consider the following

example.If you want lush frill, the width and length of the main part must be multiplied by two.If the length of your curtain - 2 meters and a half width, the width of frills in length will be 4 meters, and the width of the - three meters.

height frills choose to your liking, adding 3-4 cm to the hem and seam allowances.Refer to Figure at joints to coincide correctly.

collect the cut parts

Please connect the side panels.All items ruffles worn down in the ring, so that the corners of the main edge coincided with seams.

Then pritachivaetsya edge.To do this, cut out two equal length edge with side pieces plus 3 centimeters at the seams and hem, fold the face inward and hem the cut edges to open the bulk fabric.Oversize incision edges at the corners to make it a perfect view.

buckle ruffles.Hem twice podvorachivaetsja one centimeter from the upper and lower edges of each frills, while the corners are cut at an angle of 45 ° and proutyuzhivayutsya.

sew hem.

Distribute ruffles on equal sections.Divide the length of the main tissue mass in three parts, and the width at the two points envisage using pins.To measure ruffles and do as much of the plot.

Prisborivaem.To do this, it should be stitched to two assembly lines in parallel at a distance of 1 and 2 cm from the edge of ruffles, making the beginning and end of lines around labels.

Attach frills.To do this, add up the individual parts inside the face, combining slices anchoring pin frill around labels made earlier.Threads assembly lines are drawn together, and then, adjusting the length, baste fabric and frill together.

Using a special foot "lightning" we tack frill to Kant.After completing this step, you can rip the assembly joints.

How to sew a patchwork blanket on the bed?

Before you start to sew a quilt, you have to pick your scraps triangular or square shapes and connect them with each other until they are equal in size to the main cloth products.After this comes the processing bias binding or piping.

How to sew a quilt blanket?

to sew quilted bedspread, choose a lighter fabric and mark the fabric of the desired length and width, leaving the distance between the lines, for example, 5x5 centimeters.Shear or padding polyester and baste the fabric at intersections of rows and do the planned lines of stitching.If you have a foot for products patchwork, for the manufacture of quilted bedspreads, you can use it.

veil would look better if you decorate it piping.Kant can be made from the remnants of fabric or choose monochrome suitable to the main canvas fabric - it will need to trim more.

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