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How to sew a bear suit?

What sew a bear suit?

order to sew a costume bears needed workpiece.Where to find them?In our time it is no difficulty, because in any store today has a very extensive range of relatively inexpensive fabric that is perfect to sew a bear costume.And you can do it even easier and make a suit of old things that are sure to find in your wardrobe.These things tend to be lying "idle" and just take up too much space.So why not to file!The basis of the suit bears can easily become a pantsuit or a suit of brown.This clothing should be slightly modified, deleting unwanted parts and adding the necessary elements.You just simply should turn your imagination and bring to life the image of good clumsy bear.

bear costume: the necessary details

To sew a bear costume, we should get the old overalls and fake fur or plush brown.

So, we turn to the bear suit.To this end, we sheathe prominent place jumpsuit with fur or plush brown and sew it to the hood.Then, from the same fur or plush cut out ears and attach the

m to the hood.On gloves brown can sew appliques in the form of traces of bear paws.These applications can be made from ordinary paper.To add such a suit can usually be finished mask bears.Our costume ready!

If not found the right suit or dress, do not worry, because you can easily sew using patterns similar suits from any women's magazine.

way, instead of the hood, you can sew this bear's head, which will look great with a suit.In order for her to sew, we need a brown velvet, we have to make a pattern of the front and back of the head by removing the required dimensions.

Eyes bears can be made of ordinary buttons.You can use buttons that have four holes, sew them crosswise.

And the last part of our costume - a clumsy bear its hind legs.For them we need a sewing fur suit color and dense fabric for the soles.Cut the hind legs is as ordinary shoe.We are wrapped the leg and make the two pieces of thick fabric soles.Do not forget to make allowances for seams.From the most convex point of the heel to the toe of the convex point we have to make measurements of the distance along the edge of the sole.Make a drawing on a piece of paper of this length.The result is a line connection and the side of the sole.

the perpendicular from the point of the convex heel height and mark a point through which we draw a line that is parallel to the side of the connection and the sole.At this point, we do the measurement of the tibia.Divide the result by 2, and add 5 centimeters and seam allowances.From the end of the perpendicular postpone the resulting size.We connect with the end point of the convex point of the sock.Now we have the half side portion of the pattern.

Cut out the pattern and draw out the wrong side of her fur, adding 2 centimeters at the top and 1.5 cm allowance for seams.We must have these four items.Pairwise slazhivaem details so that they are touching each other fur.Baste rear and front seams.On the wrong side we need to fight off the upper seam allowance and then hem foot.Eversion of the workpiece and connects it to the sole.

stitched by the seams and vdevaem gum!Paws to suit bears are ready!