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Crochet Skirt

skirt crochet

course, crochet skirt harder than needles.But despite this, these are the skirt can be safely equated to real works of design art.Here, the election picture simply has no limits - you can associate a skirt as a whole or in pieces (circles, squares, triangles and shaped parts) or wedges.If you are not a beach crochet pattern skirt, do not forget about lining.There are a variety of knitting skirts and each in its own fashion and stylish.

Terms knitting crochet skirt

Firstly, yarn must have good elasticity and stretch.In knitting you should use twisted cotton (iris).By the way, viscose, acrylic and mohair recommended to dilute the fine thread (the same thin iris).Incidentally, the tiny girl is knit skirt with thick thread, in any case without the use of a raised pattern.

Second, the size of the width of the knitted fabric should not exceed hips 6-12 centimeters.This is due to the fact that the skirt have to sag.In a very narrow web, they tend to stand out all the flaws figures t

hat we so want to hide.

And finally, thirdly, knitting is strongly recommended to start from the waist in a circle.To properly calculate the number of loops necessary to knit a special pattern that consists of 20 loops.Then remove it from the measures and calculate the required number of loops, suitable to your volume.Always at their calculation should take into account the fact that mohair, acrylic and viscose stretch considerably during the socks and wash.The same goes for openwork fabrics.

silhouettes of different methods of knitting skirts

most common and simple skirt is considered to be a straight skirt.Pattern a skirt is not difficult.This skirt is much easier to start knitting from the bottom, not from the waist.We need to dial the desired number of loops, which will correspond to the volume of our thighs and vyvyazat around length from the hips up to that length as needed.After we do the fitting and start knitting the distance from the hips to the waist, with, if necessary, resetting loop.

Knitting flared skirt, we start with a trapezoid pattern.Knit a skirt should be from the top down.Initially, we were binding it as a straight skirt, and then steadily increase the number of loops.At the time we need to increase the loop to make sure that these places do not have any holes.If we decide to knit in pattern "gum", we should increase the number of loops due to the width of the gum.In other words, when we used to be gum equal to 1x1, we should move to 2x1, then 2x2, etc.

In particular the report adding loops can be carried out not only in the report itself, but also between them.In the second case we get a skirt with wedges.

asymmetrical skirt easiest to get through the expansion of a vertical web.To this end, we select one column and from both sides through a 4-6 series add the columns.The result is one corner of the skirt.To create several angles, we do the same thing in different places.

pattern skirt "year" is a straight or flared in any way begin with the sharp increase in the number of loops.

If you've a lot of knitting a flat circle swipe using the hook, you will not be difficult to transfer the pattern on the skirt, making her lace.That alone is worth to notice the difference, that is the beginning of knitting with waist circumference.So we get the sun flared.

And finally, one of the complex is considered to be in a cut spiral skirt.But in the process of knitting, it is not so complicated.Enough elementary nakida move one (or one adds a column) in a natural way through the ranks.On the lower, widened portion should pick a drawing in which there is a lot nakida.