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Plush Teddy Bears


Once Theodore Roosevelt in 1902, hunting spared the American black bear, hunters who hunted with dogs and poluzabitogo tied to a willow tree and invited him to shoot the animal.Sam refused to shoot a bear, Theodore, saying it "unsportsmanlike", but gave the order to shot the bear, thus stopping his torment.

which has occurred with the President of the story was later published in the newspaper in the form of cartoons, but over time it was adapted for tactical reasons, then transformed into a bear cute little bear.Over time, the details of the story blurred, and the episode was glavnay - Teddy (this was Roosevelt's nickname) refused to shoot a bear cub.

Once wife Michtoma Morris (real name unknown) saw a cartoon with a bear, only on a smaller scale.Morris was an immigrant from Russia and owned a toy store, then his wife sewed the first bear that looked like a bear of a newspaper cartoon.

toy was named "Teddy Bear" and was installed on a shop window.Buyers new toy has caused unprecedent

ed interest, and in the time after Roosevelt was allowed to use his name, Morris founded the company, which began producing teddy bears.

Company Michtom called Ideal Toy Company.Bears sold well, however, Michtom not a rich man, and all because he had not patented the toy itself and its name - it was his serious mistake.Some time later, there are many companies that used the idea Michtoma and began to produce similar cubs.

There is another version of that first teddy bear sewn Shtayf Margarita, and the idea she gave her nephew Richard, who designed the first teddy bear in 1902, the Bears have been moving their feet.At the toy fair held in Leipzig in 1903, one American has ordered 3,000 bears.In 1904 at an exhibition in Art.Louis bears were sold 12 000 for it, Richard and Margaret got the gold medal.

Bear and Art

The first edition of the adventures of a teddy bear has been published in the US in 1907.The book is written writer Alice Sklott.Total worldwide was published four books of different authors and each teddy bear was the protagonist.In the list of the most famous stories about the bear became a fairy tale "Winnie the Pooh" Alexander Milne - English writer, which was published for the first time in 1926.

In the United States in 1909 there was the first song of the bear cub - "two-step Teddy Bear."Thereafter, the light left another 80 songs.

In 1909 he made the first animated film about a teddy bear.In 1924, a cartoon teddy bear came from Walt Disney.Some time later, in 1975, Walt Disney created a film about a bear - Winnie the Pooh.

Collecting Teddy bears

In the world today there are about twenty museums that are dedicated to teddy bears, moreover, there are tens of thousands of people who collect this toy.Especially for collectors produced limited batch of teddy bears, teddy bears such as Gemma Kaj that are available in 2-3-EX copies.

from time to time are held at Christie auction, which exhibited only teddy bears.

In 1929 he was made the most expensive toy (Teddy Bear) mohair.Toy collector was purchased for 90 000 USD.

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