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Summer Dress crocheted

knitted summer dress

Openwork summer dress - a very universal thing in your wardrobe.After all, these dresses can be essential even in the winter, the main thing to combine it with the best jumper.But on the benefits of versatility summer dress crochet in the summer, you can talk endlessly.For example, a dress can be simply indispensable for a hike to the beach or even the solemn event, the work, adding suits jewelry.By the way, this dress is simply irreplaceable for a romantic dinner or a meeting with someone you love.In addition to all this great outfit can complement any collection of dresses and fit into any style of dress.

Usually, a gentle summer dress always looks exclusively.Especially if you tie his own hook.We all know that knitting - it is a creative process that can not only soothe, but also great attention to develop and coordinate movement.In other words, it's not just a hobby, but also a great way to fill up your wardrobe.When you knit or crochet knitting dress, in both cases you hav

e their specific advantages.But it is worth noting the fact that the dress, crochet will always look much sweeter.You only need to style selection, cut, pattern, texture and color of the dress.

be interested to know that this season (and the previous) is extremely relevant knitted dresses with lace, knitted from pure white cotton thread.

summer dress crochet: knitting machinery

to create original summer dress at the hook, we need 350-400 grams of white cotton yarn and hook.

Initially, we take measurements: chest, waist, dress length, the depth of the flood plain sleeves.Based on these figures, we make a pattern-based, which will be put to the knitted fabric to make the necessary allowances or ubavki.

work we start with vyvyazyvaniya dense part of the hem.From the air we recruit chain loops, which must be equal to the circumference of the hips.Do not forget to add five centimeters for the free fit.Closes round the chain and knit columns with nakida around the canvas skirt.We must be about forty rows, but you can associate a dense part of the length that you desire.

will look bad bottom of the skirt, tied with lace edging.You can apply any fantasy pattern, "flowers", "polutsvety", "pineapple", etc.Stop one or two motives in length.

¬ęPolutsvetok" we were binding "beam" from the last loop, which completes the range of the dense part of the skirt.Gaining six stitches in the same loop of the previous row knit three columns with two nakida and between two air loops.Then knit a chain consisting of five air loops, missing six loops of the previous row, in the seventh loop vyvyazyvaya the same "bundle" of which mentioned above.Go to the end of this technique.

The next row make "petals".In each of the chains of the two air loops provyazyvaem without nakida column, with three columns and column nakida without nakida.Putting "petals" with a chain of three air loops.After

skirt go to the top.Knit rows 8-10 round.Then knit rows forward and backward, leaving room for fasteners.Things gradually ubavki narrowing rows to the size of waist circumference.Now provyazyvaem another 8 rows, not subtracting, and after expanding the canvas with the help of increases to the measurements of chest circumference.Knit until armholes.Now knit dress before dividing the canvas into 2 halves, do not forget to shape neckline.

At the final stage, we knit and sew straps using the hook fastener or zipper.Bollards without nakida we tied neck edge armholes.Dress must be moisten and dry on a flat surface, and then to steam iron through a couple of layers of gauze.