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Knitting needles poncho

Required tools for knitting needles poncho

So, before you tie the poncho knitting, we should get a centimeter thick yarn several shades, large buttons, hooks, darning needle, scissors.And, of course, spokes (two lines).

Knit Poncho: machinery and the process

her knitting "Indian" capes we usually start with a pattern.Previously, a poncho pattern included only one item in a large rectangle.Today, a huge number of options to tie spokes cape.For beginners perfect whole towel, odorless, and zipper.Here, we should find the desired width products, calculate the density of knitting needles to direct dial the appropriate number of loops.

We can also try to link a rectangular cloak using topical now a major breeding.Here we need a yarn suitable thickness.Exclusivity of the poncho depends on the pattern and colors that we choose.

the way, is very important in the process of large-scale use is not binding intricate reliefs, as it will give the product rudeness.It is necessary to opt for a garter s

titch (in backstitches and facial ranks must be present only the facial loops).The yarn is best to take two, or even more colors and then in the sequence of alternate strips of different colors.

Initially, we should link the right size canvas in the form of a rectangle, and then we close the loop of the last series.When you need to steam our ponchos and dry it, and then neatly at the corner of the table and fix the using the midst of a massive beautiful buttons.

To hide the hardware can be using the hook to tie the yarn to one of the main colors of our ponchos.

Knit Poncho: detailed example

Initially, we must measure our neck circumference and calculate the front surface.Begin to knit poncho stands with five spokes.We recruit the required number of loops, which must necessarily be divisible by four.Lines where the loops are added, we will be placed in the field of transition from the spokes of the spoke.

Rod six rows we need to knit a smooth surface without the addition of loops.Immediately begin vyvyazyvayut line connection.The first spoke provyazyvaem loops facial, and by the end of the second loop seamy and last - face.

second wedge we start from the front, and then the wrong one provyazyvaem and knit the last two loops have facial.Provyazyvaem last purl, alternating from the front.All other wedges we were binding in a similar way.Second row, we need to knit, purl loops provyazyvaya over purl, but over facial - facial.

about the seventh series we start adding loops.This addition is necessary to carry out at the junction of the wedges.All loops wedge we provyazyvaem to facial penultimate and penultimate knit purl.Now we are doing the opposite and nakida remaining sts provyazyvaem front.At the interface of wedges we add the image of a loop.But the next number we need to knit strictly without additions, seamy loop provyazyvaem nakida.Through a series should not forget to add a loop.Once we knit fabric and twenty centimeters, we should move on circular needles.

Now we must continue our knit poncho around through each row making the addition of loops.Knit ponchos required length, we close the loop.

So we tied the exclusive and fashionable thing called a poncho, which is sure to beautify our wardrobe, give the image of extravagance and style!