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Virtual Tarot divination

There are many virtual divination by Tarot.So before you start guessing, you need to decide on what kind of question you want an answer.In its rules, the virtual divination are indistinguishable from the real ones.In order to get the most clear answer, you need to focus on one issue and try not to think about anything else.But before you start to wonder on the cards yet to choose exactly where you will perform these manipulations.

Choice divination

Fortunately, on the Internet there is a lot of variety of divination by the Tarot cards.You can type in a search in the search and choose the site that best suits you in terms of interface.Often, such sites have a wide variety of divination, but if you're interested in is the Tarot, then go to the appropriate section and go to the next step.

Selecting the alignment

known that there are some basic layouts Tarot cards.In the tarot deck has a Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.In divination, the most commonly used is the Major Arcana, and only when it is ne

cessary to clarify the prediction, in the course are younger Arcana.So, if your question is quite simple, it is best to choose a virtual fortune telling, which involves only the Major Arcana.So you will be easier to deal with a breakdown, and the answers will be more accurate.

Asking questions

On many sites tarot cards are divided into categories.Often, they are the following names: Relationships, Love, Family, Business, What to do?and others.With this navigation system, site visitors is easier to choose the alignment.Therefore, if you have a question that relates to one of these categories, choose the appropriate layout and start guessing.If your question is quite difficult to attribute it to a particular category, then you should read the description of the different ways of divination and layouts to choose the most appropriate.It is worth noting that the good sites are always available, and provide a detailed description of layouts that are used for virtual divination.

guess and decipher

Once the alignment is selected, you can begin to guess.You should focus on your subject, tilt aside all other thoughts and conduct manipulations that are needed to tell fortunes on a particular site.After that, you only need to read the transcript.Immediately it should be noted that all the Tarot cards do not have a single interpretation.Therefore, immediately notice how it served their description.Firstly, in deciphering the value of the card must be explained in both the forward and upside down as you, as this is entirely dependent on the result of divination.It should also explain the value of cards in conjunction with lying side by side, as they affect the interpretation, changing negative to positive and vice versa.Reading the transcripts never think of cards literally.For example, if you had the card 13 Death should not take it as if you were going to die soon.Often it can mean the completion of a phase of life changes, advise to put on something point and start a new life.So do not be afraid of Tarot cards.We must learn to understand them.This is a very wise card and if you interpret them correctly will matter in the end, they will help you make the right decisions and avoid disappointment.

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