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Pattern skirts for girls

With one embodiment of the pattern to sew a skirt can be several different skirts for the girls.It may be a year, and flared, pleated skirt, and other styles.Thanks to the universal realization of the pattern may all your own fantasies.Pattern skirt - a simple procedure, and every woman can learn to do it by hand.

In most cases, the pattern skirts did not like each other.It can be very curvy or skirt with pleats at the bottom of the product, corrugated or skirt with basque.

models skirts and patterns

If you decide to sew a skirt - you first need to tailor it.Modeling skirt and making a pattern, you little pobudet mathematician, as without payment of certain pattern will fail.

First, decide how many panels will be on the skirt.It helps to make a drawing on paper.If

skirt for girls will consist of four shelves, then follow the way.Draw two concentric circles.The circumference of the inner circle will be equal to the waist and the hips.Set the length of the distance between the inner and outer cir

cle that will fit the length of the skirt.Then draw lines dividing the circles into an equal number of panels.You should now have a whole picture of the skirt.

Pattern skirt goes step by step.First we need to measure the circumference of the hips and waist.The waistline is just above the pelvic bone and is measured in a straight line around the girl's waist volume.Before this measurement, add 5 centimeters.Measure the length to determine the length of the finished product.Transfer the measurement on the paper or cloth.Cut out the pattern with scissors.

Pattern pencil skirt

Elegant pencil skirt for girls is ideal for visiting the school.Especially a model like a high school.

To construct a pattern to make a basic skirt pattern direct model.Then be engaged in the construction of the pattern pencil skirt.

order to preserve free movement while walking in a skirt is necessary when cutting leave allowance to issue or make the cut slot.

of the vertical line in the side seam on the bottom line to measure out the required amount to the side narrowing, which ranges from one to three centimeters.We draw a straight line to a point which is a few centimeters below the intersection of the vertical and the hips.

rear panel, you can make out slots, leaving this small allowance.In this case, the rear shelf cut out in two parts.

vykraivaya detail skirt, do not forget to make allowances for the rear and side seams (up to 3 cm), on the clasp of 4-6 cm.

How to Make Belt

skirt can be an elastic waistband or belt with a zipper.To make the pattern belt, it is necessary to measure waist circumference, which will sit skirt.Cut a rectangle of fabric a little larger than the top edge of the skirt.

lacy skirt for girls

This skirt really like adolescent girls disco or exploring the city with friends.

combination of satin and lace skirt will make amazingly beautiful and elegant.On paper or canvas, first noted the length of skirts and held a straight line.It turns out a rectangle of lace fabric, it cut out.The same pattern is done from the atlas.Fabrics are superimposed and sewn elastic band.Pattern is simple and sewn skirt so very quickly.

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